40 Facts About Steve McQueen

1. Steve McQueen was the second album by English pop band Prefab Sprout, which was released in June 1985.

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2. Steve McQueen was left-handed and wore the watch on his right wrist.

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3. Steve McQueen was credited with contributions including financing the film On Any Sunday, supporting a team of off-road riders, and enhancing the public image of motorcycling overall.

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4. Steve McQueen was cremated and his ashes were spread in the Pacific Ocean.

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5. Steve McQueen checked into a small Juarez clinic under the assumed name of "Sam Shepard", where the doctors and staff were unaware of his actual identity.

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6. Steve McQueen paid for Kelley's treatments by himself in cash payments which were said to have been upwards of $40,000 per month during his three-month stay in Mexico.

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7. Steve McQueen gave up cigarettes and underwent antibiotic treatments without improvement.

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8. Steve McQueen made occasional visits to the school to spend time with the students, often to play pool and speak about his experiences.

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9. In spite of multiple attempts, Steve McQueen was never able to purchase the Ford Mustang GT 390 he drove in Bullitt, which featured a modified drivetrain that suited McQueen's driving style.

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10. Steve McQueen designed a motorsports bucket seat, for which a patent was issued in 1971.

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11. Steve McQueen was inducted in the Off-road Motorsports Hall of Fame in 1978.

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12. Steve McQueen retired due to irreparable crash damage, and Ekins withdrew with a broken leg, both on day three.

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13. Steve McQueen raced in many top off-road races on the West Coast, including the Baja 1000, the Mint 400, and the Elsinore Grand Prix.

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14. Steve McQueen wanted to drive a Porsche 917 with Jackie Stewart in that race, but the film backers threatened to pull their support if he did.

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15. At one point, using editing, Steve McQueen is seen in a German uniform chasing himself on another bike.

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16. Steve McQueen died shortly after passing on The Towering Inferno 2.

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17. Steve McQueen was under contract to Irwin Allen after appearing in The Towering Inferno and offered a part in a sequel in 1980, which he turned down.

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18. Steve McQueen was offered the lead in Raise the Titanic, but felt that the script was flat.

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19. Steve McQueen expressed interest in the Rambo character in First Blood when David Morrell's novel appeared in 1972, but the producers rejected him because of his age.

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20. Steve McQueen was offered the lead male role in Breakfast at Tiffany's, but was unable to accept due to his Wanted: Dead or Alive contract.

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21. Steve McQueen worked for director Sam Peckinpah again with the leading role in The Getaway, where he met future wife Ali MacGraw.

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22. Steve McQueen became a household name as a result of this series.

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23. Steve McQueen said he taught McQueen the "art of the fast-draw", adding that, on the second day of filming, McQueen beat him.

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24. Steve McQueen appeared as Randall in the episode, cast opposite series lead and old New York motorcycle racing buddy Robert Culp.

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25. Steve McQueen was hired for the films Never Love a Stranger, The Blob which depicts a flesh eating amoeba-like space creature, and The Great St Louis Bank Robbery.

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26. Steve McQueen landed his first film role in a bit part in Somebody Up There Likes Me, directed by Robert Wise and starring Paul Newman.

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27. In late 1955, at the age of 25, Steve McQueen left New York and headed for California, where he moved into a house on Vestal Avenue in the Echo Park area, seeking acting jobs in Hollywood.

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28. Steve McQueen made his Broadway debut in 1955 in the play A Hatful of Rain, starring Ben Gazzara.

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29. Steve McQueen had minor roles in productions including Peg o' My Heart, The Member of the Wedding, and Two Fingers of Pride.

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30. Steve McQueen was assigned to the honor guard, responsible for guarding the presidential yacht of US President Harry Truman.

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31. Steve McQueen saved the lives of five other Marines during an Arctic exercise, pulling them from a tank before it broke through ice into the sea.

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32. Steve McQueen initially reverted to his prior rebelliousness and was demoted to private seven times.

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33. In 1947 Steve McQueen joined the United States Marine Corps where he was promoted to private first class and assigned to an armored unit.

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34. Steve McQueen worked as a roughneck, a carnival barker and a lumberjack.

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35. Steve McQueen eventually left the Boys Republic at age 16.

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36. Steve McQueen was caught stealing hubcaps by the police and handed over to his stepfather, who beat him severely; ending the fight by throwing McQueen down a flight of stairs.

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37. Steve McQueen expressed having good memories of living on the farm, noting that his great-uncle Claude "was a very good man, very strong, very fair.

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38. Steve McQueen was of Scottish descent and was raised as a Catholic.

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39. Steve McQueen was combative with directors and producers, but his popularity placed him in high demand and enabled him to command large salaries.

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40. Steve McQueen was called "The King of Cool", whose "anti-hero" persona developed at the height of the counterculture of the 1960s and made him a top box-office draw of the 1960s and 1970s.

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