25 Facts About Jay Leno

1. Jay Leno is an admired stand-up comedian, best-selling children's book author, much-in-demand corporate speaker, lovable TV and movie voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and.

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2. Jay Leno recently had a go in it for his YouTube channel and he has more fun than we've seen him in any other car.

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3. Jay Leno renewed the interest in the early 2000s when Capote's aunt, Marie Rudisill, was featured regularly on his show as "The Fruitcake Lady.

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4. Jay Leno will perform his standup comedy at 8 pm Friday at the Civic Center Theater.

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5. Jay Leno is here to give us a tour of his 1955 Mercedes Racecar Transporter, a replica of the official vehicle the automaker built to transport its.

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6. Jay Leno has specially ordered a Lincoln Navigator Black Label and that gives it enough street cred to be shown at SEMA.

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7. Jay Leno shows off his first collector car, a 1954 Jaguar XK120.

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8. In a 2015 interview with The Jerusalem Post, Jay Leno said, "I always considered Israel as not only the only democracy in the Middle East, I think it's the purest, because every Israeli voter seems to have his own political party.

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9. Jay Leno writes occasional "Motormouth" articles for The Sunday Times, reviewing high-end sports cars and giving his humorous take on motoring matters.

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10. In August 2012, Jay Leno auctioned his Fiat 500, which was sold for $385,000 with all the proceeds going to a charity that helps wounded war veterans recover by providing them with temporary housing.

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11. Jay Leno has claimed that he has not spent any of the money that he earned from The Tonight Show.

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12. Jay Leno said that the situation was "all business", and that all of the decisions were made by NBC.

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13. Jay Leno is the consummate professional and one of the hardest-working people in television.

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14. At the time, Jay Leno stated he did not want O'Brien to leave for a competing network, adding, "I'll be 59 when [the switch occurs], that's five years from now.

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15. Jay Leno has faced heated criticism and some negative publicity for his perceived role in the 2010 Tonight Show conflict.

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16. Jay Leno has maintained an active schedule as a touring stand-up comedian appearing in, on average, 200 live performances a year in venues across the United States and Canada as well as charity events and USO tours.

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17. In their new roles, neither O'Brien nor Jay Leno succeeded in delivering the viewing audiences the network anticipated.

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18. On December 8, 2008, it was reported that Jay Leno would remain on NBC and move to a new hour-long show at 10 pm Eastern Time five nights a week.

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19. Jay Leno left The Tonight Show on Friday, May 29, 2009, and Conan O'Brien took over on June 1, 2009.

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20. Jay Leno celebrated by devoting an entire monologue to Michael Jackson jokes.

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21. Jay Leno said in 2008 that he was saving all of his income from The Tonight Show and living solely off his income from stand-up comedy.

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22. In 2004, Jay Leno signed a contract extension with NBC which would keep him as host of The Tonight Show until 2009.

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23. Jay Leno continued to perform as a stand-up comedian throughout his tenure on The Tonight Show.

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24. Jay Leno made his first appearance on The Tonight Show on March 2, 1977, performing a comedy routine.

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25. Jay Leno obtained a bachelor's degree in speech therapy from Emerson College, where he started a comedy club in 1973.

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