27 Facts About Sheryl Crow

1. Sheryl Crow was born in 1962 in Kennett, Missouri, a sturdy Midwestern community that served as the backdrop for an outwardly normal childhood.

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2. Sheryl Crow released her next album, Wildflower, in September of 2005, the same month that she announced her engagement to champion bicyclist Lance Armstrong.

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3. Sheryl Crow stayed busy in 1999, recording a live album, Sheryl Crow and Friends: Live in Central Park and taking on her first acting role in the independent film The Minus Man.

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4. In 1997 Sheryl Crow joined Lilith Fair, an all-woman touring festival organized by singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan.

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5. In 1995 Sheryl Crow began to lay the groundwork for her second album, mindful of persistent rumors that she would not have hit it big were it not for the talents of the other Tuesday Night Music Club musicians.

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6. In 2010, Sheryl Crow released her seventh studio album, 100 Miles From Memphis.

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7. In 2008, Sheryl Crow released her sixth studio album, Detours.

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8. Sheryl Crow is born in Kennett, Missouri to a piano teacher, Bernice and a lawyer and trumpet player, Wendell Wyatt Crow.

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9. Sheryl Crow has perfect slim body standing with the height of 5 feet 3 inches.

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10. Sheryl Crow is a renowned singer-songwriter and musician and must have good earning.

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11. Sheryl Crow was born on February 11, 1962, in Kennett, Missouri.

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12. In 2006, during a routine mammogram, Sheryl Crow caught breast cancer in its early stages.

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13. Sheryl Crow had a loft apartment in New York City in Lower Manhattan, which she owned from 1998 to 2017.

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14. In June 2018, Sheryl Crow supported James Taylor on part of his American tour after original support Bonnie Raitt was forced to miss several shows due to health reasons.

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15. Sheryl Crow was one of the opening acts for George Strait's 2014 leg of The Cowboy Rides Away Tour.

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16. On November 1, 2012, Sheryl Crow released an original song she called Woman in the White House that was made available for a free download.

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17. Sheryl Crow was invited by journalist Katie Couric to write the theme song for her new talk-show, Katie.

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18. On September 20, 2011, it was announced that Sheryl Crow will write the music and lyrics for Diner, a new musical inspired by the critically acclaimed 1982 film.

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19. Sheryl Crow contributed her cover of the Beatles' Here Comes the Sun on the soundtrack for the Dreamworks animated film Bee Movie in November 2007.

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20. In early 2007, Sheryl Crow was scheduled to sing at an annual benefit concert for The Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital that sportscaster Bob Costas hosts every year.

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21. In late 2006, Sheryl Crow was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for the song Try Not To Remember from the film Home of the Brave.

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22. In 2006, Sheryl Crow contributed "Real Gone", the opening track to the soundtrack for Disney and Pixar's 2006 animated film Cars.

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23. In 2004, Sheryl Crow appeared as a musical theater performer in the Cole Porter biopic De-Lovely.

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24. Sheryl Crow collaborated with Michelle Branch on the song "Love Me Like That" for Branch's second album, Hotel Paper, released in 2003.

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25. Sheryl Crow collaborated on Scott Weiland's 1998 album, 12 Bar Blues.

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26. In 1997, Sheryl Crow contributed the theme song to the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies.

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27. Sheryl Crow appeared in the "New Faces" section of Rolling Stone in 1994.

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