94 Facts About Katie Couric


Katherine Anne Couric is an American journalist and presenter.


Katie Couric is founder of Katie Couric Media, a multimedia news and production company.


Katie Couric has been a television host at all of the Big Three television networks in the United States, and in her early career she was an assignment editor for CNN.


Katie Couric worked for NBC News from 1989 to 2006, CBS News from 2006 to 2011, and ABC News from 2011 to 2014.


Katie Couric's 2011 book, The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives, was a New York Times bestseller.


In 2004, Katie Couric was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame.


Katherine Anne Katie Couric was born in Arlington, Virginia, the daughter of Elinor Tullie, a homemaker and part-time writer, and John Martin Katie Couric, Jr.


Katie Couric attended Arlington Public Schools: Jamestown Elementary, Williamsburg Middle School, and Yorktown High School, and was a cheerleader.


Katie Couric enrolled at her father's alma mater, the University of Virginia, in 1975, and was a Delta Delta Delta sorority sister.


Katie Couric served in several positions at UVA's award-winning daily newspaper, The Cavalier Daily.


Katie Couric graduated in 1979, with a bachelor's degree in American Studies.


Katie Couric joined NBC News in 1989 as Deputy Pentagon Correspondent.


Katie Couric filled in for Bryant Gumbel as host of Today; Jane Pauley and Deborah Norville as co-anchor of Today; Boyd Matson, Garrick Utley, Mary Alice Williams, and Maria Shriver as co-host of Sunday Today; and Connie Chung, Bob Jamieson, John Palmer, Norville, Faith Daniels, Margaret Larson and Ann Curry as anchor of the former NBC News program NBC News at Sunrise.


Katie Couric subbed for Daniels, Norville, and John Palmer as the news anchor on Today.


Katie Couric returned to NBC to co-host the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremonies with Mike Tirico, and to provide additional Winter Olympic coverage and athlete interviews.


Katie Couric apologized that her intended compliment did not "come out" as intended, which the Embassy accepted, and invited her to the Netherlands for a tour.


In 1989, Katie Couric joined Today as national political correspondent, becoming a substitute co-host in February 1991, when Norville went on maternity leave.


Norville did not return and Katie Couric became permanent co-anchor on April 5,1991.


Katie Couric remained at Today and NBC News for fifteen years until May 31,2006, when she announced that she would be going to CBS to anchor the CBS Evening News, becoming the first solo female anchor of the "big three" weekday nightly news broadcasts.


From 1989 to 1993, Katie Couric filled in for Maria Shriver and for Garrick Utley and later Brian Williams and John Seigenthaler on the Weekend Edition of NBC Nightly News.


Katie Couric hosted or worked on a number of news specials, like Everybody's Business: America's Children in 1995.


Katie Couric has co-hosted the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games.


Katie Couric has broadcast with Bob Costas, beginning with the 2000 Summer Olympics.


Katie Couric has won multiple television reporting awards throughout her career, including the prestigious Peabody Award for her series Confronting Colon Cancer.


Katie Couric has interviewed former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Harry Potter author JK Rowling, and Laura Bush.


On May 28,2008, Katie Couric made a return visit to Today, since leaving almost two years to the very day back on May 31,2006.


Katie Couric returned for a week-long stint as co-host of Today in January 2017 to mark Matt Lauer's 20th anniversary as anchor of the program.


Katie Couric announced on April 5,2006, that she would be leaving Today.


CBS confirmed later the same day that Katie Couric would become the new anchor and managing editor of CBS Evening News.


Katie Couric would contribute to 60 Minutes and anchor prime-time news specials for CBS.


Katie Couric earned US$15 million per year while at CBS, a salary that made her the highest paid journalist in the world, a salary similar to Barbara Walters' at ABC.


Katie Couric made her first broadcast as anchor and managing editor of the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric on September 5,2006.


Katie Couric announced CBS News's official projection for the 2008 United States Presidential Election.


The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric won the 2008, and 2009 Edward R Murrow Award for best newscast.


In 2009, Katie Couric was awarded the Emmy Governor's Award for her broadcasting career.


Katie Couric has interviewed presidents, cabinet members, celebrities, and business executives around the world, including President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Former President George W Bush, Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, John Edwards just after the announcement that his then-wife Elizabeth's cancer had returned, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, Norah Jones and Michael J Fox.


Katie Couric led CBS News' coverage of the 2006 midterm elections, the 2008 Presidential election and conventions, and 2010 midterm elections.


Katie Couric was the first network anchor on the ground in Port au Prince after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.


Katie Couric reported from Cairo's Tahrir Square during the Egyptian Revolution in 2011.


Katie Couric was the only solo female evening news anchor in the United States, until December 21,2009, when Diane Sawyer succeeded the retiring Charles Gibson for ABC World News.


In early 2011, Katie Couric announced that she would be leaving her anchor post at CBS Evening News when her contract expired.


Katie Couric made her final broadcast in the CBS Evening News chair on Thursday, May 19,2011.


Katie Couric was a 60 Minutes correspondent and contributed eight to ten stories a year for the program.


Katie Couric was the first to interview pilot Chesley Sullenberger after the "Miracle on the Hudson" airplane landing.


Katie Couric interviewed Valerie Plame, Robert Gates and Michelle Rhee for the program.


The Sarah Palin interviews with Katie Couric were a series of interviews Couric taped with 2008 US Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.


Katie Couric received the Walter Cronkite Award for Journalism Excellence for the interviews.


Katie Couric was the lead reporter for two CBS Reports series, which aired across all CBS News platforms.


From 2011 to 2013, Katie Couric was a special correspondent for ABC News, a role she has incorporated into her talk show.


Katie Couric's first appearance on the network was a Sarah Jessica Parker interview on Nightline.


Katie Couric was hosting Today on NBC at the time of the attacks, and led CBS News's coverage of the fifth anniversary.


Katie Couric interviewed Lady Gaga in primetime on Thanksgiving as part of A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.


In November 2011, Katie Couric hosted a special primetime ABC news program highlighting Regis Philbin's retirement, after Philbin's 25-year tenure at ABC.


From April 2 to 6,2012, Katie Couric substituted for co-anchor Robin Roberts on ABC's Good Morning America, her first stint at hosting a morning news show since leaving Today.


On June 6,2011, ABC announced that Katie Couric had signed a record US$40-million contract, and would begin hosting a daytime talk show for its Disney-ABC Domestic Television arm that would debut in September 2012; Katie Couric would contribute to ABC News programming.


Katie is the second web show that Couric has been affiliated with, the first being @katiecouric on the CBS Evening News.


However, in October 2013, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Katie Couric was close to cancellation because of a low Q Score, low ratings, and a reported disdain of her core female audience.


Katie Couric debuted in the new role on January 13,2014, in an interview with former United States Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.


Katie Couric later interviewed United States Secretary of State John Kerry.


The extended partnership secured Katie Couric as having a spot in the ABC News division, as a special contributor.


Katie Couric stated that her intent was to "protect" Ginsburg from her potentially unpopular comments as they were "unworthy of a crusader for equality".


Katie Couric was dubbed "America's Sweetheart," largely due to her co-anchor role for 15 years on The Today Show.


On May 12,2003, Katie Couric guest-hosted The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as part of a swap campaign, and had 45 percent more viewers than on other nights.


Katie Couric has been the only guest host used by Jay Leno on either The Tonight Show or his short-lived The Jay Leno Show.


On July 21,2021, in response to Piers Morgan's criticism of Simone Biles, Katie Couric shared an image on Twitter that featured Piers Morgan alongside images of Donald Trump and Charlie Kirk with the text "Bullying successful women is a coping mechanism for a lot of mediocre men," overlaid across the image.


Katie Couric has made cameo appearances in Austin Powers in Goldmember and an episode of General Hospital.


Katie Couric co-hosted NBC's live coverage of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from 1991 until 2005.


Katie Couric received the Golden Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement in 2005.


Katie Couric delivered the graduation speech at her alma mater University of Virginia on May 20,2012, at Randolph-Macon College on June 1,2013, and at Princeton University on June 1,2009.


On May 16,2010, Katie Couric received an honorary doctor of science degree for her efforts in raising awareness of colorectal cancer and for her commitment to advancing medical research from Case Western Reserve University, and later gave the university's 2010 convocation keynote address.


On February 6,2011, Katie Couric guest-starred on the post-Super Bowl episode of Glee, playing herself interviewing Sue Sylvester after the cheerleading team lost the championship.


Katie Couric is the author of two children's books and a non-fiction collection of essays.


Katie Couric said that a 2010 convocation keynote address she gave inspired her to write the book.


In December 2013, Katie Couric ran a segment on the HPV vaccine which critics accused of being too sympathetic to the scientifically unsupported claims that this vaccine was dangerous.


On December 10,2013, a week after the original segment was aired, Katie Couric posted an article on The Huffington Post responding to this criticism, in which she stated:.


In 2014, Katie Couric was an executive producer and narrator for the documentary Fed Up, examining the food industry and obesity in the United States.


In 2016, Katie Couric was an executive producer and narrator for the documentary Under the Gun, examining gun violence and gun control in the United States.


The documentary was criticized for having an eight-second pause for "dramatic effect" inserted instead of the answer given to a question Katie Couric posed to a gun-rights group in Virginia.


Katie Couric posted a response on the documentary's website stating, "I take responsibility for a decision that misrepresented an exchange I had with members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League ", and she included a transcript of the response she received.


Katie Couric was an executive producer of Flint, a 2017 Lifetime drama about the Flint, Michigan, water crisis.


In 2018, Couric hosted a docudrama series titled America Inside Out with Katie Couric, which was telecast on the National Geographic Channel.


Katie Couric is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


Katie Couric is a member of the Peabody Awards board of directors, which is presented by the University of Georgia's Henry W Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.


Katie Couric married attorney John Paul "Jay" Monahan III in 1989.


Katie Couric gave birth to their first daughter, Elinor Tully "Ellie" Monahan, in Washington, DC, on July 23,1991; their second daughter, Caroline "Carrie" was born in New York City on January 5,1996.


Katie Couric's husband died of colorectal cancer in 1998 at the age of 42.


Katie Couric married Molner in a small, private ceremony at her home in The Hamptons on June 21,2014.


Katie Couric pointed out that it irritated Emily when people asked her if she was Katie Couric's sister.


On September 28,2022, Katie Couric revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer on June 21 of that year after a routine screening.


Katie Couric had become a spokeswoman for colon cancer awareness ever since her first husband had died from the disease.


Katie Couric was very active in the National Hockey League's Hockey Fights Cancer campaign, appearing in some public service announcements and doing voice-overs for several others.


Katie Couric was the honored guest at the 2004 Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation fall gala.


In 2011, Katie Couric became the Honorary National Chair of the National Parkinson Foundation's Moving Day campaign, a grassroots campaign to spotlight Parkinson's disease awareness on a national level.


Katie Couric's father died in 2011 at age 90 from complications due to Parkinson's disease.