8 Facts About Maria Shriver

1. In 1986, Maria Shriver participated NBC News as a correspondent and became an anchor for Main Street, a news magazine aimed at young people.

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2. In 2011, Maria Shriver faced more personal challenges in the public eye.

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3. In 2009, Maria Shriver was honored with the Shinnyo-en Foundation's 2009 Pathfinders to Peace Award, which is bestowed annually to a person who exemplifies the ideals of compassion, harmony and peace.

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4. In 2013, Maria Shriver began dating political consultant Matthew Dowd, the strategist for Arnold Schwarzenegger's 2006 reelection campaign.

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5. In May 2009, Maria Shriver planted the first edible garden at a state capitol in what once was a flower bed.

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6. On February 3, 2008, Maria Shriver endorsed Senator Barack Obama for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

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7. In 2005, Maria Shriver launched her WE Connect Program, which connects working families in need with money-saving programs and support services.

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8. In February 2008, Maria Shriver launched an ice cream company called Lovin' Scoopful with her brother, Tim Shriver.

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