20 Facts About Random House


Random House is an American book publisher and the largest general-interest paperback publisher in the world.

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Random House has several independently managed subsidiaries around the world.

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Random House was founded in 1927 by Bennett Cerf and Donald Klopfer, two years after they acquired the Modern Library imprint from publisher Horace Liveright, which reprints classic works of literature.

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Random House hired legendary editors Harry Maule, Robert Linscott, and Saxe Commins, and they brought authors such as Sinclair Lewis and Robert Penn Warren with them.

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Random House entered reference publishing in 1947 with the American College Dictionary, which was followed in 1966 by its first unabridged dictionary.

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Random House acquired the paperback book publisher Ballantine Books in 1973.

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In 1998, Bertelsmann AG bought Random House and merged it with Bantam Doubleday Dell and it soon went global.

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In 1999, Random House acquired the children's audiobook publisher Listening Library.

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The reorganization consolidated and created three divisions—Random House Publishing Group, Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group and Crown Publishing Group.

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Susan Kamil, was named editorial director for Dial Press and editor-in-chief of Random House imprints reporting to Gina Centrello, the president and publisher of the Random House Publishing Group.

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Random House has an entertainment production arm for film and television, Random House Studio; one release in 2011 was One Day.

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Random House creates story content for media including video games, social networks on the web, and mobile platforms.

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In October 2018, Penguin Random House merged two of its most known publishing lines, Random House and the Crown Publishing Group.

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In 2019, Penguin Random House acquired British children's book publisher Little Tiger Group and added it to Random House Children's Books.

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Publisher's main office in the United States is located at 1745 Broadway in Manhattan, in the 684-foot – 210 m Penguin Random House Tower, completed in 2009 and spanning the entire west side of the block between West 55th Street and West 56th.

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Random House, Inc maintains several independently managed subsidiaries around the world.

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Random House Group is one of the largest general book publishing companies in the United Kingdom; it is based in London.

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Random House Group operates branches in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India as part of its overseas structure.

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Verlagsgruppe Random House is headquartered in Munich, employs about 850 people, and publishes roughly 2,500 titles per year.

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Takeda Random House Japan was founded in May 2003 as a joint venture between Kodansha and Random House.

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