16 Facts About Negative Zone


Negative Zone is a fictional setting, an antimatter universe appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Since the Negative Zone is largely uninhabited, several would-be conquerors have attempted to bridge the gap to Earth and take over its population.

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Negative Zone is often visited by the Fantastic Four as Mister Fantastic discovered it, and has mapped portions of it extensively.

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Spider-Man has visited the Negative Zone, and acquired a costume that allowed him to merge with shadows and become practically invisible.

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Negative Zone took the power from discarded life canisters and created a Cosmic Control Rod, capable of granting the wielder great power.

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Negative Zone spent a fair amount of time studying it through probes, and determined that it was largely unpopulated.

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Negative Zone reveals herself to Johnny Storm and attacks him, feeling angry that he had forgotten her.

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Later when Ben, Johnny, Franklin, Val and the Tinkerer are ready to leave the Negative Zone she refuses to leave, because she wants to find out who she is.

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Negative Zone is used to dispose of Earth-616's Galactus when he is accidentally transferred to the Ultimate Marvel universe due to the temporal distortions caused by the events of Age of Ultron.

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The heroes of the Ultimate Marvel universe reasoned that Galactus will starve to death in the Negative Zone because it is a universe made of antimatter and Galactus would not have anything to eat there.

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Negative Zone is later visited by the Sentry, who is struggling to understand his new state of self and find a way to separate himself from the Void.

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One of the rather undocumented side-effects the Negative Zone has on people seems to involve bringing forth what are usually considered negative emotions.

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At this point, it is difficult to determine the cause of this unusual phenomenon, but a number of dealings with the Negative Zone have given the impression that something inherent within it can lead to emotional distress.

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Ultimate Marvel equivalent of the Negative Zone was originally called the N-Zone, a zone that exists directly below the Ultimate Marvel universe.

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The N-Negative Zone is a universe in the later stages of entropic heat death, with less than a million years of existence left to it.

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However, after re-shoots and edits, the Negative Zone was renamed Planet Zero, and reworked into a planet with a cracked landscape and unstable energy that becomes the source of the titular characters' and Victor von Doom's mutations.

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