17 Facts About Pepper Potts


Virginia "Pepper" Potts is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Pepper Potts's serves as a supporting character to Iron Man and sometimes a romantic interest of Tony Stark.

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Pepper Potts is originally a member of a secretarial pool, and gets her job by fixing an accounting error made by Stark.

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Pepper Potts's is depicted initially as being infatuated with Stark, and rejects the advances of Stark's chauffeur and assistant Happy Hogan, who debuted in the same issue, with acerbic remarks.

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However, Pepper Potts, tortured by the responsibility, is forced to return it, and the trauma causes her to miscarry.

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Pepper Potts's assumes the moniker of the Greek goddess Hera, and uses advanced computer-hardware and prosthetics to monitor and coordinate the team's missions.

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When Pepper Potts is caught in a terrorist explosion caused by Ezekiel "Zeke" Stane, she sustains multiple internal injuries, including shrapnel wounds, and rendered unable to withstand a prolonged surgery.

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Pepper Potts's body is further enhanced with new cybernetics and upgrades to the magnet, which are based on Danny Rand's battery designs, and which afford Pepper Potts new super abilities.

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Pepper Potts discovers a secret room in Stark's office which contains a suit of armor that he made especially for her, which she uses under the name Rescue.

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Pepper Potts decides to engage Masque in a physical altercation in order to provide a distraction for Stark to escape.

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Pepper Potts survives the removal of her chest magnet, but demands that a new one similar to Tony's own chest repulsor be re-installed, which is done.

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Pepper Potts's became engaged to Marc Kumar, a public relations and marketing consultant, but broke off the relationship after he briefly became a supervillain.

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Pepper Potts's then proclaims that any attempts he makes to create his 'perfect world' will have to be carried out with people fully aware that he is nothing but a monster.

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Donning the Rescue armor, Pepper Potts flies to England to seek out Tony's biological mother Amanda Armstrong while recalling that his father Jude is a Hydra agent.

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Stark-tech mag-field generator implanted in Pepper Potts's chest was not weapons-based like Stark's, but borrowed non-weaponized electromagnetic technology from Rand Industries, which caused a number of physical changes to her body.

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The red Rescue armor that Pepper Potts wears when she meets Riri Williams in The Invincible Iron Man vol.

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The Iron Man 2020 event and its Rescue 2020 spinoff depict Pepper Potts using a blue Rescue armor based on the one from the film Avengers: Endgame.

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