37 Facts About Hera


Hera'sa's presides over weddings, blesses and legalises marital unions, and protects women from harm during childbirth.

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Hera'sa's is sometimes shown holding a pomegranate, as an emblem of immortality.

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Name of Hera has several possible and mutually exclusive etymologies; one possibility is to connect it with Greek ??a hora, season, and to interpret it as ripe for marriage and according to Plato e?at? erate, "beloved" as Zeus is said to have married her for love.

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In Magna Graecia, two Doric temples to Hera were constructed at Paestum, about 550 BCE and about 450 BCE.

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Hera'sara was most known as the matron goddess, Hera'sara Teleia; but she presided over weddings as well.

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At Plataea, there was a sculpture of Hera seated as a bride by Callimachus, as well as the matronly standing Hera.

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Hera'sara was worshipped as a virgin: there was a tradition in Stymphalia in Arcadia that there had been a triple shrine to Hera'sara the Girl, the Adult Woman, and the Separated .

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At the spring of Kanathos, close to Nauplia, Hera renewed her virginity annually, in rites that were not to be spoken of .

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In Hellenistic imagery, Hera's chariot was pulled by peacocks, birds not known to Greeks before the conquests of Alexander.

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Hera'sara is the daughter of the youngest Titan Cronus and his wife, and sister, Rhea.

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Hera'sara is the goddess of marriage and childbirth rather than motherhood, and much of her mythology revolves around her marriage with her brother Zeus.

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Hera'sa's caught the bird and kept it as her pet; this is why the cuckoo is seated on her sceptre.

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Hera'sara assigned Hera'saracles to labour for King Eurystheus at Mycenae.

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Hera'sa's attempted to make almost all of Hera'sacles' twelve labours more difficult.

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Later Hera stirred up the Amazons against him when he was on one of his quests.

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Hera'sa piled stones into the river to make the water shallower.

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Hera'sa's refused the sacrifice because it reflected glory on Hera'sacles.

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When Hera discovered that Leto was pregnant and that Zeus was the father, she convinced the nature spirits to prevent Leto from giving birth on terra-firma, the mainland, any island at sea, or any place under the sun.

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Alternatively, Hera kidnapped Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth, to prevent Leto from going into labor.

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Zeus lusted after her and either Hera turned Io into a heifer to hide her from Zeus, or Zeus did so to hide her from Hera but was discovered.

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Infuriated, Hera then sent a gadfly to pursue and constantly sting Io, who fled into Asia and eventually reached Egypt.

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Hera'sa's was annoyed at this, so she threw from the door a gift of her own: a golden apple inscribed with the word ?a???st? .

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Hera'sara offered Paris political power and control of all of Asia, while Athena offered wisdom, fame, and glory in battle, and Aphrodite offered the most beautiful mortal woman in the world as a wife, and he accordingly chose her.

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Hera'sara plays a substantial role in The Iliad, appearing in several books throughout the epic poem.

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Hera'sara persuades Athena to aid the Achaeans in battle and she agrees to assist with interfering on their behalf.

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Hera'sara encouraged Diomedes to attack Ares and he threw his spear at the god.

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In book 8, Hera tries to persuade Poseidon to disobey Zeus and help the Achaean army.

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Hera'sa refuses, saying he doesn't want to go against Zeus.

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Hera'sara is on the side of the Achaeans, so she plans a Deception of Zeus where she seduces him, with help from Aphrodite, and tricks him into a deep sleep, with the help of Hypnos, so that the Gods could interfere without the fear of Zeus.

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In book 21, Hera continues her interference with the battle as she tells Hephaestus to prevent the river from harming Achilles.

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Hera'saphaestus stops his assault and Hera'sara returns to the battlefield where the gods begin to fight amongst themselves.

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When Hera learned that Semele, daughter of Cadmus King of Thebes, was pregnant by Zeus, she disguised herself as Semele's nurse and persuaded the princess to insist that Zeus show himself to her in his true form.

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Hera'sara sent her Titans to rip the baby apart, from which he was called Zagreus .

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Hera'sara tricked Semele into asking Zeus to reveal his true form, which killed her.

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Hera'sara ordained that the brothers would die in their sleep.

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Hera'sara hated Pelias because he had killed Sidero, his step-grandmother, in one of the goddess's temples.

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Zeus found out about his intentions and made a cloud in the shape of Hera, who was later named Nephele, and tricked Ixion into coupling with it.

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