40 Facts About Nick Fury


Nick Fury appears in several Marvel series set in alternate universes, as well as multiple animated films, television shows, and video games based on the comics.

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Nick Fury first appeared in the World War II combat series Sgt.

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Nick Fury quickly became one of comic books' most acclaimed and influential artists.

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Nick Fury introduced or popularized in comic books such art movements of the day as psychedelia and op art; built on Kirby's longstanding work in photomontage; and created comic books' first four-page spread.

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Nick Fury continued to make appearances in the other Marvel books, from Fantastic Four to The Avengers.

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Year after that series ended, the one-shot Nick Fury, using retroactive continuity, altered the events of those previous two series, recasting them as a series of staged events designed to distract Nick Fury from the resurrection plans of HYDRA head Baron von Strucker.

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Nicholas Joseph Nick Fury is the eldest of three children born to Jack Nick Fury in New York City.

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Nick Fury's father is a United States citizen who enlists in the United Kingdom's Royal Flying Corps during World War I Jack enlists in 1916 and is stationed in France.

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Nick Fury shoots down Manfred von Richthofen early in his flying career, and is a highly decorated combat aviator by the end of the War in 1918.

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Nick Fury is an amateur boxer through the New York City Police Athletic League where he learns marksmanship.

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Nick Fury was on leave in Guernica when the fascists bombed it.

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Nick Fury soon becomes the superhero community's main contact when government-related information is required in order to deal with a crisis.

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Betrayed, Nick Fury goes to ground, hunted by his fellow agents, many of whom are later revealed to have been replaced with Deltites.

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Nick Fury kills her first, after which she reverts to the form of an extraterrestrial shape-shifter from the hostile Skrull race, which has mounted an invasion of Earth.

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Nick Fury has been seen talking to Deadpool, while Deadpool was on a Skrull ship after pretending to join them.

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Nick Fury leads the survivors of the Young Avengers and Initiative back to the fight in New York, where they are joined by Thor, the new Captain America, the New Avengers and the Mighty Avengers, the Hood's gang, and the Thunderbolts, to take on Veranke's army of Super Skrulls.

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Nick Fury gives them one look and teleports away with his Secret Warriors, not speaking to his former friends.

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Nick Fury has a number of inside men to assist in his raids, including Natasha Romanova posing as Yelena Belova who is in command of the Thunderbolts.

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Nick Fury later introduces Daisy Johnson to prominent members of the Howling Commandos including Alexander Pierce, leader of the second caterpillar team, and Mikel, Nick Fury's son and leader of the "gray" team.

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Nick Fury insists on Phobos remaining behind due to an unwillingness for him to battle his father Ares and his youth, and later opens a wormhole aboard an ex-S.

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Nick Fury remains immortal due to trace amounts of the formula in his body.

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Nick Fury witnessed Woodrow McCord destroying the home planet of the aliens, before himself being fatally injured.

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Nick Fury reveals that he has rapidly grown elderly and is dying because the Infinity Formula in his body has been depleted.

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Nick Fury explains that he chose each of the heroes assembled so that one of them can replace him.

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Nick Fury confesses that he killed Uatu in potential self-defense after Doctor Midas and the Orb had first attacked him.

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Nick Fury took one of Uatu's eyes, needing to know who mounted the assault and Uatu's oath preventing him from revealing that information directly.

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Nick Fury has continued Uatu's tradition of observing parallel universes, including observing a reality where Flash Thompson became Spider-Man only to turn himself in after accidentally killing Peter Parker.

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Originally Nick Fury had to take the formula annually or the effects would be reversed, allowing his body to reach its actual chronological age.

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Nick Fury is depicted as an active athletic man despite his advanced chronological age, though writers have sometimes portrayed Fury as being past his prime despite the Infinity Formula as in the Fury and Wolverine graphic novel.

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Nick Fury has explained that when needing to disguise himself, he only needs to remove the eyepatch, slip in a contact lens and darken his hair, as everyone always looks for a one-eyed man.

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Nick Fury is a seasoned unarmed and armed combat expert, was a heavyweight boxer in the army, and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu.

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Nick Fury has further honed his unarmed combat skills sparring with Captain America.

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Nick Fury is trained as a paratrooper, Ranger, a demolitions expert, vehicle specialist, and a Green Beret.

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Nick Fury's character was modeled after Elizabeth's real-life spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham.

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Six-part miniseries named Nick Fury: Peacemaker, written by Ennis, was published in 2006 under the Marvel Knights imprint.

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Nick Fury makes an enemy of one of his soldiers, Earshot, who has the power to throw his voice with precision over long distances.

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Nick Fury himself is an extreme megalomaniac, and kills his own men at the slightest questioning of his orders.

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Nick Fury met Philip Sheldon, who asked for an interview for a book he was writing.

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Nick Fury assaulted Sheldon thinking he was a political writer, and insisted that he had no connection with the recently deceased Avengers, then telling him that it was Captain America that introduced him to eating human meat during World War II.

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In 2011, Nick Fury was ranked 33rd in IGN's "Top 100 Comic Book Heroes", and 32nd in their list of "The Top 50 Avengers".

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