21 Facts About Young Avengers


Young Avengers are the names of 2 fictional superhero teams appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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In "Secret Identities", the Young Avengers must decide how much to tell their parents after the members decide to continue acting publicly.

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Young Avengers realized that he had gone too far when his "friend" tried to force him to steal artifacts from the destroyed Avengers Mansion.

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Young Avengers met the Scarlet Witch, who explained that being different is not bad.

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Young Avengers eventually stands up to his tormentor for another kid.

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The Young Avengers intervene and a Kree warrior fires at Captain America.

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Once in Captain America's secret base, the Young Avengers join the resistance movement called Secret Avengers.

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The Young Avengers joins the fight against Iron Man and the pro-registration heroes.

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Stature leaves the resistance after Goliath is killed by a clone of Thor and the Secret Young Avengers are forced to retreat from battle leaving Wiccan behind.

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Young Avengers asserts that he is his own person, not the memories of Iron Lad, confessing his love to Cassie, and states that he wishes to now be called Jonas.

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The Young Avengers are the first to respond to the Skrull invasion in Manhattan, New York.

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Iron Lad and the Young Avengers escape with Wanda into the timestream and land in the past when the resurrected Jack of Hearts destroys the Avengers Mansion.

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The Young Avengers confront him, aided by the Avengers, the X-Men and X-Factor; Wanda and Wiccan manage to remove Doom's newfound powers, and he claims that he was responsible for the Scarlet Witch's doings during the "Avengers Disassembled" and "House of M" events .

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Later the Young Avengers decide to disband, much to the disapproval of Speed.

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The issue ends with the Young Avengers officially being recognized as full-fledged Avengers.

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Young Avengers is the son of Kree hero Captain Marvel and the Skrull princess Anelle.

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Young Avengers is the boyfriend, then the husband, of his teammate Wiccan.

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Young Avengers's adopted the codename Hawkeye with the blessing of Captain America, who bestowed to her the original Hawkeye's bow and arrows as a gift following the temporary death of Hawkeye.

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Young Avengers's is involved in romantic relationship with Iron Lad in first place, then with Jonas.

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Young Avengers is a speedster who can accelerate atomic matter as well as destabilize it.

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Young Avengers appear as unlockable playable characters in Lego Marvel's Avengers.

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