13 Facts About Avengers Mansion


Avengers Mansion is a fictional building appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Avengers Mansion's address is 890 Fifth Avenue in the borough of Manhattan in New York City.

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Avengers Mansion donated the mansion to the Avengers and had it financed through the charitable Maria Stark Foundation.

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The first three floors were open to the public and had twelve rooms to house Avengers who wished to reside in the mansion, as well as Jarvis's quarters.

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The first time was in Avengers: Under Siege when a huge grouping of Masters of Evil, led by Baron Helmut Zemo, attacked the Avengers and destroyed the Mansion and beat Hercules into a coma among other things before being repulsed.

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Later, the Avengers built a new headquarters on the site of the Mansion and resided there until it was destroyed by the Gatherers, a team of alternate universe Avengers.

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Since then, the Young Avengers have restored much of the statuary on the grounds of the mansion.

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The Avengers Mansion have relocated to Stark Tower, although it is unknown how permanent this move will be, especially in light of the events of Marvel's Civil War storyline, which causes the virtual splitting of the New Avengers Mansion down the line between those who were pro-registration and those who were against it.

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The Young Avengers Mansion were attacked by, and later defeated, Kang the Conqueror there.

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Avengers Mansion meets with Tony Stark to discuss the implications of Steve Rogers' assassination.

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Avengers Mansion was surrounded by a wall twelve feet high and one foot thick, as well as an array of high-tech security defenses.

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Shortly after the Avengers moved into the Mansion, Iron Man and Thor moved the Mansion 35 feet away from the street, increasing the size of the front lawn and giving the Avengers more privacy.

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Infinite Avengers Mansion was created by Hank Pym in the pocket dimension where Thor sent Janet Van Dyne's body at the end of Secret Invasion.

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