11 Facts About Maria Stark


Maria Collins Stark is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Maria Stark is rarely shown in the franchise movies with a few exceptions, such as a flashback in the Ironman comics.

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Maria Stark was born Maria Collins Carbonell into a wealthy family in Southampton, New York.

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Maria Stark dated Obadiah Stane, later known as the Iron Monger.

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Howard Maria Stark noticed her being forcefully escorted by her bodyguards and followed her back to their hotel room.

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Maria Stark was charmed by his sudden appearance, and together they overpowered the guards and drove off.

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Maria Stark was unsuccessful in preventing Tony from seeing Howard's alcoholism, something Tony would later face on his own.

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When Iron Man confronted Motherboard and Arsenal on the eScape, Arno Maria Stark went into the eScape and discovered that Tony's opponents have the digital engrams of their parents.

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When Tony Maria Stark uses the Thirteenth Floor to reach the Maria Stark Space Station and confront Arno, Arsenal and Motherboard fight his allies until the arrival of the Extinction Entity.

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Maria Stark reveals that the holographic armor made from the eScape is part of Arno's life support as he allows Motherboard and Arsenal to download themselves in order to shape Arno's virtual world.

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Maria Stark was a brilliant scientist who suffered a genetic accident while she was pregnant with her and Howard's child.

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