15 Facts About Basel

1. On 28 May 2014, Basel announced that Paulo Sousa was to become their trainer for the new season and that he had signed a three-year contract.

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2. In the knockout phase round of 32, Basel were drawn against Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk.

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3. In the next round, Basel faced a considerably tougher opponent in the form of SV Mattersburg of Austria.

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4. On 26 February 2006, Basel broke their own club record of 52 unbeaten league games at home, which they extended to 59.

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5. Granit Xhaka on leaving Arsenal and Basel being forced to sign him.

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6. The football club FC Basel continues to be successful and in recognition of this the city was one of the Swiss venues for the 2008 European Championships, as well as Geneva, Zurich and Bern.

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7. City of Basel is a centre for numerous fairs and events all year round.

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8. In 1997, Basel contended to become the "European Capital of Culture", though the honor went to Thessaloniki.

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9. The University of Basel is currently counted among the 90 best educational institutions worldwide.

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10. City of Basel, located in the heart of the tri-border region is one of the most dynamic economic regions of Switzerland.

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11. Under the Koppen climate classification, Basel features a temperate oceanic climate.

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12. Name of Basel is derived from the Roman-era toponym Basilia, first recorded in the 3rd century.

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13. The Treaty of Basel ended the war and granted the Swiss confederates exemptions from the emperor Maximillian's taxes and jurisdictions, separating Switzerland de facto from the Holy Roman Empire.

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14. For many centuries to come Basel possessed the only permanent bridge over the river "between Lake Constance and the sea".

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15. At the partition of the Carolingian Empire, Basel was first given to West Francia, but it passed to East Francia with the treaty of Meerssen of 870.

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