14 Facts About Francia


Francia, called the Kingdom of the Franks, Frankish Kingdom, Frankland or Frankish Empire, was the largest post-Roman barbarian kingdom in Western Europe.

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Francia was among the last surviving Germanic kingdoms from the Migration Period era before its partition in 843.

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Francia conquered most or all of the neighbouring Frankish tribes along the Rhine and incorporated them into his kingdom.

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Francia incorporated the various Roman military settlements scattered over Gaul: the Saxons of Bessin, the Britons and the Alans of Armorica and Loire valley or the Taifals of Poitou to name a few prominent ones.

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Francia defeated Sigebert in what was a serious reversal for the ruling dynasty .

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Francia is often regarded as the first roi faineant: "do-nothing king", not insofar as he "did nothing", but insofar as he accomplished little.

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Francia renewed the Vatican donation and the promise to the papacy of continued Frankish protection.

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At this point, West Francia was composed of Neustria in the west and in the east by Francia proper, the region between the Meuse and the Seine.

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The Carolingians were restored ten years later in West Francia, and ruled until 987, when the last Frankish King, Louis V, died.

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West Francia was the land under the control of Charles the Bald.

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Middle Francia was the territory ruled by Lothair I, wedged between East and West Francia.

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Francia sought to place checks on the power of local and regional judiciaries by the method of appointing missi dominici in pairs to oversee specific regions for short periods of time.

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Francia arrived on the continent with twelve companions and founded Annegray, Luxeuil, and Fontaines in France and Bobbio in Italy.

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Carolingian Francia saw royal sponsorship for the construction of monastic cities, built to showcase a revival of the architecture of ancient Rome.

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