46 Facts About Helmut Zemo


In 2009, Helmut Zemo was ranked as IGN's 40th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.

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Helmut Zemo was presumed deceased when he fell into a vat of boiling, specially-treated Adhesive X .

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Helmut Zemo resurfaced years later in the comics as Baron Zemo, first allied with Arnim Zola's mutates.

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Helmut Zemo forced the Captain to battle hordes of mutates before revealing that he knew Captain America's secret identity.

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Helmut Zemo underwent tutelage by Mother Superior and Red Skull, and then kidnapped Captain America's friend David Cox and brainwashed him to battle Captain America.

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Helmut Zemo then kidnapped Roth again, and directed a shared mental reenactment of Heinrich Helmut Zemo's last World War II encounter with Captain America.

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Helmut Zemo battled Captain America, but fell off the mansion roof.

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Helmut Zemo later hired Batroc's Brigade and psychic detective Tristram Micawber to help him locate the five fragments of the Bloodstone in hopes of restoring his father to life.

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The reanimated corpse was destroyed by Crossbones and a distraught Helmut Zemo fell down an inactive volcano in Japan trying to retrieve it.

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Helmut Zemo survived the fall, though his right hand was horrifically burnt and mangled.

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Helmut Zemo's sanity returned and he even created a new realistic face mask to hide his disfigured face from his adopted children, whom he nurtured and swore to protect from those who might return them to their abusive foster homes.

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Zemo turned on his wife and Superia, before turning his attention to dropping Captain America into a vat of Adhesive X The plan failed and Zemo fell into the container instead, with the Baroness, falling in after him.

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Helmut Zemo ultimately escaped prison, though his wife the Baroness died shortly after being sentenced to prison for her role in the abduction of the children they were raising.

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Helmut Zemo went into hiding and plotted revenge on his former teammates .

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Now in possession of Watkins' body, Helmut Zemo again played the Citizen V role, this time as a member of the V-Battalion, until the Thunderbolts' final battle with Graviton, during which his consciousness was removed from Watkins' body and transferred, in electronic form, into his ally Fixer's mechanical "tech-pack".

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Helmut Zemo then took up leadership of the Thunderbolts who were on Counter-Earth; when this group was reunited with their teammates who had remained on the normal Marvel Universe Earth, Hawkeye briefly resumed leadership, but then left the team to return to the Avengers.

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Helmut Zemo now seems to be motivated by a twisted altruism rather than his original selfish desires; he feels he has grown beyond his father in that regard.

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Helmut Zemo had been manipulating the United States government, the New Thunderbolts, the Purple Man, the Squadron Sinister, and a host of other relatively obscure Marvel characters.

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Helmut Zemo's goals are unknown, but he is clearly still motivated by a desire to save the world by taking it over, or at least manipulating it towards what he perceives as a beneficial future.

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Helmut Zemo has, apparently through trial and error, learned how to use the power of the moonstones in various ways, from simply generating raw energy, to transporting himself and others through time, space, and dimensions, to viewing possible future events through dimensional rifts—and, apparently, to repair his damaged face .

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Helmut Zemo has recruited members of both his original and subsequent incarnations of the Thunderbolts to his cause, as well as eventually bringing the current team of Thunderbolts around to joining him.

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The group resides in what Helmut Zemo calls his "Folding Castle", a structure that he has connected to various other places around the world by dimensional portals.

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Helmut Zemo showed Captain America his face, scarred, to remind him of his earlier sacrifice, and gave him a key that would allow him to escape from the super-human prison being constructed if Captain America would allow his Thunderbolts to fight the Squadron Sinister.

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Helmut Zemo, was always told as a child that he was superior, he now believes his father's Nazi ideals to be untrue, and that the only way to become superior is through righteousness.

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Helmut Zemo— wearing his unscarred face—then revealed that Songbird was going to betray him and he was going to sacrifice himself in their upcoming battle with the Squadron Sinister.

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Helmut Zemo told her that he would not die, but that he would become superior through his sacrifice "by living forever".

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Helmut Zemo revealed his true nature when he saved the Wellspring of Power from the Grandmaster planning to use it for his own ends.

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Helmut Zemo insisted that he would use it to help the world, despite the consequences of doing so.

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Limited series Thunderbolts Presents: Helmut Zemo - Born Better, written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Tom Grummett, explores the history of the Helmut Zemo barony.

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Meanwhile, in the present, Volker reveals that the Zemo bloodline is not just limited to Helmut's immediate family.

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Later, Helmut goes with Herman and his men to find Castle Zemo reduced to rubble by the war.

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Helmut Zemo recruited Jurgen "Iron-Handed" Hauptmann, as well as Fixer and a new female version of Beetle to expose the current Captain America's sins to the world.

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Helmut Zemo ultimately kidnapped Bucky and took his father's victim to Heinrich's island which is where Bucky's original "death" occurred.

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Helmut Zemo then forced Bucky into a similar deathtrap as the one his father put Bucky in, modified though in order to allow Bucky a chance to escape.

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Helmut Zemo has since turned his eye towards Hawkeye, who he blames for usurping control over the Thunderbolts from him.

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Helmut Zemo makes a deal with Hawkeye's former mentor Trick Shot to train Helmut Zemo's mystery acquaintance to become a master archer in exchange for medical care.

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Helmut Zemo later becomes the new leader of Hydra and enters into conflict with Sam Wilson, the new Captain America.

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Helmut Zemo later kills Ian Rogers, the new Nomad and Captain America's partner, by slashing his throat and sends a photo to Steve Rogers.

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Helmut Zemo briefly witnessed an eerie girl bring a bird back to life until she is taken away by some adults.

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Helmut Zemo brings Selvig with him as he's crucial to his next plan.

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Helmut Zemo then tries to escape with Doctor Selvig until Captain America enters his plane.

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Helmut Zemo then starts to recruit all the supervillains who escaped from Pleasant Hill.

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Helmut Zemo's headband has built-in circuitry designed to disrupt psychic powers.

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Helmut Zemo carries various rifles and sometimes, a handheld spray gun for Adhesive X, the most powerful bonding agent ever invented.

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Helmut Zemo fosters a hatred of minorities due to his father having had an affair with a black woman as well as the irrational belief that Jewish doctors killed his mother with poisoned water.

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Helmut Zemo finds a survivalist retreat dubbed "Whiteland" and plans to use sarin gas on his followers to incite a race war across the United States.

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