16 Facts About Marvel Universe


Marvel Universe is a fictional shared universe where the stories in most American comic book titles and other media published by Marvel Comics take place.

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The Marvel Universe was notable for setting its central titles in New York City; by contrast, many DC heroes live in fictional cities.

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In 1982, Marvel Universe published the miniseries Contest of Champions, in which all of the major heroes in existence at the time were gathered together to deal with one threat.

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Each issue contained biographical information on many major costumed characters; these biographies were a precursor to Marvel's series of reference material, The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, which followed shortly on the heels of Contest of Champions.

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Thanks to these extra elements, Earth in the Marvel Universe is home to a large number of superheroes and supervillains, who have gained their powers by any of these means.

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Comparatively, little time passes in the Marvel Universe compared to the real world, owing to the serial nature of storytelling, with the stories of certain issues picking up mere seconds after the conclusion of the previous one, while a whole month has passed by in "real-time".

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Marvel Universe tries to explain most superpowers and their sources "scientifically", usually through the use of fictional science-like concepts, such as:.

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Elders of the Marvel Universe are ancient aliens who have often had a great impact on many worlds for billions of years, acting alone or as a group.

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Also abundant in the Marvel Universe are legendary creatures such as gods, demons and vampires.

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Besides mythological gods, many deities made up by Marvel Universe writers exist as well, such as the Dark Gods, enemies of the Asgardians.

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Some supernatural beings, entities and human characters created by Lovecraft and Howard, who were friends and influenced each other's work, have been adapted by Marvel Universe and include Abdul Alhazred, Conan the Barbarian Nyarlathotep and Set.

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Some deities or demonic beings that are original characters of Marvel Universe have been heavily influenced by these mythologies, such as Shuma-Gorath.

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Marvel Universe would depict vampires as frequent antagonists during the Hyborian Age to Howard characters such as Kull and Conan.

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Marvel Universe brought to life the Living Tribunal, an extremely powerful cosmic entity, who serves to maintain balance within the Multiverse.

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Marvel Universe is part of a Multiverse, with various universes coexisting simultaneously, usually without affecting each other directly.

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Alternative continuities in the Marvel Universe Multiverse are generally defined in terms of their differences from Earth-616.

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