13 Facts About Living Tribunal


Living Tribunal is a fictional cosmic entity appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Living Tribunal appeared in a cameo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness .

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The Living Tribunal revealed clues as to its true purpose and nature in Silver Surfer vol.

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Living Tribunal was featured in the 2003's Marvel: The End storyline.

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Living Tribunal is an entity that oversees and maintains balance in the realities that constitute the Marvel Comics Multiverse, including the mainstream universe and all alternate universes.

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The fourth side of the Living Tribunal's head is a void, with the entity claiming that the cosmic entity the Stranger once existed as this part of its being.

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Living Tribunal's power is virtually limitless, as the entity prevents the Infinity Gems from being used in unison, although it remains subservient to a single, even higher entity referred to as "One-Above-All" .

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Iron Man and the Watcher later find what appears to be the Living Tribunal's withered corpse on the moon, with no sign of who killed the entity.

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When Yellowjacket ventured into the Multiverse during the Time Runs Out storyline, the cause of his death was discovered: the Living Tribunal had died fighting the Beyonders while attempting to halt the annihilation of the Marvel Multiverse.

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However, when the Living Tribunal decides in favor of a "new balance for a new cosmos", Order and Chaos join forces to seemingly kill the entity.

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The Living Tribunal is later resurrected and seen taking Lord Chaos and Master Order to judgment after the defeat of the First Firmament.

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However, the Living Tribunal has referred to a higher entity that vastly eclipses its own power, and was killed by the Beyonders.

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Living Tribunal was the embodiment of the Marvel Multiverse, and the sum totality of all the abstract entities within it.

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