77 Facts About Red Skull


Red Skull is an alias used by several supervillains appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics and its predecessor Timely Comics.

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Originally portrayed as a Nazi agent and protege of Adolf Hitler during World War II, the Red Skull has endured as the archenemy of the superhero Captain America.

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Red Skull was ranked number 21 on Wizard magazine's top 100 greatest villains ever list and ranked as IGN's 14th-greatest comic book villain of all time.

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Red Skull was portrayed by actor Scott Paulin in the 1990 direct-to-video film Captain America.

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Red Skull was physically augmented by having his mind placed into the body of a clone of Captain America, the pinnacle of human perfection.

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Red Skull has been seemingly killed in the past, only to return time and time again to plague the world with schemes of world domination and genocide.

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Red Skull's mother died in childbirth, and his father blamed Johann for her death.

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Red Skull's role was the embodiment of Nazi intimidation, while Hitler could remain the popular leader of Germany.

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Red Skull succeeded, wreaking havoc throughout Europe in the early stages of World War II.

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In Europe during the war, the Red Skull took personal command of many military actions and personally supervised the takeovers and lootings of many cities and towns.

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The Red Skull organized a Wolf Pack of U-Boats which preyed upon shipping across the world, often under the Red Skull's personal command.

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The Red Skull was particularly interested in procuring technological weapons that could be used for the purposes of subversion and warfare.

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The Red Skull kidnapped and killed many of Hitler's closest advisers and eventually rose to become the second-most-powerful man in Nazi Germany.

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Now Hitler could no longer effectively control the Red Skull and came to fear him, especially since the Red Skull had made no secret of his ambition to supplant Hitler someday.

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Red Skull sent the hero to kill a high-ranking officer, but with Bucky's help Captain America broke free.

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Hitler enthusiastically instructed the Red Skull to construct the Sleepers, unaware that the Red Skull intended to use them to conquer the world himself if Nazi Germany fell.

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Red Skull sent a number of his subordinates who became known as the Exiles, and a large contingent of loyal German soldiers and their wives to a secret island base, where they would organize an army for use in the future.

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Now that the German defeat was becoming a reality, the Red Skull was more determined than ever to obtain vengeance for his numerous personal defeats by Captain America and Bucky.

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The Red Skull assigned Baron Heinrich Zemo to go to England, and, under the cover of stealing an experimental Allied drone plane, to capture or kill Captain America and Bucky.

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However, the Red Skull was unaware that the Allies had just secretly parachuted Captain America into beleaguered Berlin to investigate "Der Tag".

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The Red Skull was about to hurl an armed hand grenade at his nemesis when Captain America threw his shield at him.

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The cave-in released an experimental gas from canisters in the bunker which put the Red Skull into suspended animation, during which time his wounds slowly healed.

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Red Skull had a rivalry with Zemo, and hoped to set his two foes against each other.

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Red Skull begins sending Captain America to another dimension when Captain America offers to become his servant.

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Captain America tries to get the Cosmic Cube, and in the fight the island splits apart from the Cosmic Cube's power, and the Red Skull falls off a cliff while trying to get the Cosmic Cube.

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Red Skull captures part of Manhattan Island, unleashes the fourth Sleeper, and captures Captain America on Exile Island.

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The Red Skull then regains the Cosmic Cube and temporarily switches bodies with Captain America.

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Red Skull uses the Cube to alter the personality of Sam "Snap" Wilson.

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Gas that placed the Red Skull in suspended animation wears off and his body rapidly ages to his actual years.

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The Red Skull sees much potential in the American dream of capitalism and self-determination and sets about establishing his own foothold inside Washington, D C, culminating in him gaining control over the Commission on Superhuman Activities, a government body in Washington that monitors and regulates superhero activities.

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Red Skull employs one of the Scourges of the Underworld, an organization dedicated to killing supervillains.

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Red Skull has the Commission remove Steve Rogers from the position of Captain America and replace him with jingoist John Walker.

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Red Skull kills his chief pawn in the Commission right in front of Captain America.

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When Rogers defeats Walker, the Red Skull appears to gloat at what he had done to Rogers, Walker, and the reputation of Captain America.

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The Red Skull tries to kill Rogers with a cigarette holding a lethal dose of the dust of death, but Walker hits him from behind with his shield.

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The Red Skull survives the exposure due to the effects of the Super-Soldier Formula.

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Red Skull joins the "Acts of Vengeance" conspiracy, but is attacked by the mutant terrorist Magneto, a Holocaust survivor who wants to punish him for his involvement in Hitler's regime.

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The Red Skull remains imprisoned, close to death and beginning to see the error of his ways, until he is rescued by his henchman Crossbones.

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Red Skull proposes an alliance with the Kingpin to bring a new designer drug to New York, but the Kingpin refuses to ally with the Nazi and the two engage in a drug war.

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Red Skull discovers that he is facing the same permanent paralysis that Captain America was facing due to their exposure to the Super-Soldier Formula.

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The Red Skull takes the cure and apparently kills Superia, then arranges for Captain America to be kidnapped by his remaining forces, and given a blood transfusion that cures him.

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Red Skull is further aided by Korvac, posing as Kang the Conqueror.

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Red Skull is sent to Galactus's ship to steal more power, which would remove all limits to the Red Skull's reality-warping powers.

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The Red Skull is ambushed by Korvac, who steals his cosmic powers and banishes him back to Earth.

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Red Skull later manipulates his way into the position in the form of US Secretary of Defense Dell Rusk to develop a biological weapon he tested at Mount Rushmore.

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Red Skull was assassinated by the mysterious Winter Soldier, under orders from the renegade former Soviet general Aleksander Lukin wanting to possess the new Cosmic Cube the Red Skull had manufactured.

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Red Skull then had these soldiers, dubbed the "Master Race", launch an attack on London, which was thwarted by Captain America, Spitfire and Union Jack.

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Red Skull's plans involved the reunion of Captain America and his former lover Sharon Carter being manipulated by Faustus.

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The Red Skull continues his assault by engineering a riot by placing Kronas security troops and drugged water in a protest on the Lincoln Monument.

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The Red Skull plans to transfer his consciousness into Sharon's unborn child, apparently sired by Steve Rogers himself and potentially having inherited his Project: Rebirth enhancements.

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Red Skull was planning on using Sharon Carter and a machine created by Doctor Doom to return his body back to their time, but since Sharon destroyed the machine, his body is drifting through time and space.

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Red Skull was responsible for the deaths of Richard Parker and Mary Fitzpatrick-Parker, the parents of Peter Parker, tipped off by the supercriminal Gustav "the Gentleman" Fiers to their spy status.

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Rogue attacks the Scarlet Witch and they fight until they both discover the lobotomized body of Professor X The Red Skull arrives and reveals that he has fused his brain with Professor X's brain.

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However, his telepathy is still erratic, with the Red Skull being unable to completely control Captain America and an attack against him by Wolverine cutting off his right hand and disrupting his powers long enough for Rogue and the Scarlet Witch to break free.

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Red Skull tells Magneto to bow if the Scarlet Witch were to remain alive, but Magneto performs a sneak attack enough to break the Red Skull's control over the others.

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The Scarlet Witch attempts to cast a spell that will 'invert' the Red Skull and bring out the part of Professor X that still exists in his brain.

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Doctor Doom is able to summon the spirit of Brother Voodoo to possess the Scarlet Witch and invert the spell, the Red Skull sacrificing his heroism and freedom to restore the heroes to normal.

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Red Skull is nearly discovered when Quicksilver and Deadpool investigate the room, but uses a psychic suggestion to convince them that the room is empty, as well as planting a command in Quicksilver's subconscious that will be triggered later.

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The Red Skull's clone is torturing the other Steve Rogers with a burning, thorn-wrapped piece of wood.

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Red Skull realizes there is still hope and evades the Red Skull's clone's attack.

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The Red Skull's clone calls the other Steve Rogers an idiot for his actions.

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At one point, the Red Skull's mind inhabited a body cloned from Captain America's, which possessed the mutagenic alterations induced by the Super-Soldier Formula.

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Red Skull was thus endowed with a body that was in perfect physical condition, with strength, speed, durability, agility, dexterity, reflexes, coordination, balance and physical endurance that exceeded that of an Olympic athlete.

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Red Skull has been shown as a superb martial artist, though he was never on par with Captain America himself; he was originally trained by German athletes appointed by Hitler.

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Red Skull is heavily trained as a skilled marksman with various forms of handguns and well-versed in the use of firearms and explosives.

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Red Skull carries a large arsenal of conventional and advanced firearms and explosives.

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The Red Skull eventually loses these abilities when he is captured by Rogue and taken to the Beast, who performs surgery on the Red Skull to extract the elements of Xavier's brain from his own.

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Sometime prior to the events of the limited series Earth X, the Red Skull killed Bernie Rosenthal and hailed Captain America as the realization of the Nazi dream.

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However, Captain America killed the Red Skull, who is later seen in the Land of the Dead and Mar-Vell's Paradise, waiting to live in his own personal version of Heaven.

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Additionally, the Black Red Skull is the leader of Hydra and a member of the Masters of Doom.

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Black Red Skull later appears as a member of the Multiversal Masters of Evil.

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Red Skull accompanies Ghost Goblin in attacking Captain America and Captain Marvel.

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Black Red Skull later spoke to Ghost Goblin about Robbie Reyes as Ghost Goblin mentions that he had never seen a Ghost Rider ride a car before as well as the fact that the Ghost Rider that Black Red Skull is torturing is not Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch.

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Robbie has Black Red Skull's symbiote imprisoned in the Hell Charger's trunk while having Black Red Skull chained up in the heart of the wasteland he created while trapped in a forever penance.

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In Old Man Logan's possible future, wherein Earth's villains defeated Earth's heroes in a final battle, the Red Skull is revealed to be the mastermind of the villains' conquest and made himself President of the United States.

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Red Skull is taken to a hospital and kept alive long enough for his mother to say goodbye.

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The Red Skull explains to Nick Fury that all he wanted to do with the Cosmic Cube was to turn back time and prevent his father from being lost so that he could grow up with him and lead a normal life.

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