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Doctor Victor Von Doom is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Doctor Doom is depicted as the monarch of the fictional nation of Latveria and serves as the archenemy of Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four.

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Doctor Doom has come into conflict with other superheroes in the Marvel Universe, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, the X-Men, and the Avengers.

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Kirby further described Doctor Doom as being "paranoid", wrecked by his twisted face and wanting the whole world to be like him.

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Doctor Doom was [respected]…but through a flaw in his own character, he was a perfectionist.

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Doctor Doom's origin was a feature in Astonishing Tales when his ties to the villain Mephisto were revealed.

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Byrne emphasized other aspects of Doctor Doom's personality; despite his ruthless nature, Victor Von Doctor Doom is a man of honor.

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Under Fantastic Four writer Steven Englehart, Doctor Doom became exiled from Latveria by his heir Kristoff, who was brainwashed into thinking he was Victor Von Doctor Doom.

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Doctor Doom would spend most of his time in exile planning his return, but Englehart left the title before he could resolve the storyline.

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The story took its title from the "unthinkable" act Doctor Doom had to perform to acquire this new magical might from a trio of demons: killing his first love, Valeria.

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Doctor Doom remained trapped there until the events of the 2004 "Ragnarok" storyline in the pages of Thor, which resulted in Thor's hammer Mjolnir falling through dimensions and giving Doctor Doom a way out of Hell.

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In 2005 and 2006, Doctor Doom was featured in his own limited series entitled Books of Doctor Doom, a retelling of the origin story by Ed Brubaker.

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Doctor Doom appears in the five issue mini-series Doomwar written by Jonathan Maberry.

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Doctor Doom attacked and wounded T'Challa, the current Black Panther, maiming him enough to prevent him from holding the mantle again.

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Doctor Doom then fought through time and space to get back to the present to seek revenge on the Marquis of Death.

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Doctor Doom stated, as he killed the Marquis, he had rebuilt every molecule of his being and increased his power all to destroy the Marquis.

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Doctor Doom later joins the supervillain group known as the Intelligencia, but is betrayed when they captured him to complete their plan.

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At the start of the story arc Fantastic Four: Three, Doctor Doom feels that he needs to be "reborn" and makes plans to abdicate his throne and give it to Kristoff when Valeria teleports to his room unexpectedly asking for his assistance.

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Valeria quickly notices that Doctor Doom has suffered brain damage and makes a deal with him to restore his mental capacities if he helps Reed and the Fantastic Four.

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Later, a humble Doctor Doom appears among those in attendance at Johnny Storm's funeral.

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Doctor Doom assumes the role of God and claims complete dominion of this new world and its inhabitants, controlling them into thinking he was always the almighty force of creation; following Reed's apparent demise, he takes Sue as his wife, and Franklin, and Valeria as his children.

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Doctor Doom convinces Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm to be the sun and the Shield wall respectively in Battleworld.

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Doctor Doom reveals to Tony that he has relinquished his dictatorship over Latveria to give the land back to its people.

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Doctor Doom appears and interrupts Tony's breakfast date with Amara, continuously trying to prove to Tony that he has changed and is trying to correct the mistakes he has made, explaining that he has arrived to check up on Tony and see if he is suffering from any side-effects from being in the presence of an exorcism.

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Doctor Doom then told Vincent, who resented him though still saw Doom as his father, that he was proud of him.

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Doctor Doom has recently been featured in his first solo-series, in which Doom is framed for blowing up a space station on the moon, its instability he had warned the international community about previously.

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Doctor Doom is shown to be tethered to Kang the Conqueror, the time traveler appearing at random moments in front of him throughout the series due to a theorized quantum entanglement between the two supervillains.

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Victor Von Doctor Doom was born decades ago to a tribe of Latverian Romani people under the rule of an unnamed nobleman called the Baron.

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Doctor Doom goes on to die of exposure on the mountainside, cradling the boy in a final embrace and giving him his garments to keep him warm.

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Doctor Doom's exploits attracted the attention of the dean of Empire State University, who sent someone to the camp.

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Doctor Doom succeeded in leading a revolution to take over Latveria from the Baron, taking an interest in the welfare of the Roma.

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Doctor Doom takes over this micro-world, but leaves after the Fantastic Four end his rule.

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Doctor Doom is then thrown into space when he attempts to prevent the Fantastic Four from leaving the micro-world.

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Doctor Doom is saved by Rama-Tut, and he returns to Earth to destroy the Fantastic Four by turning each member against the other using a special berry juice.

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Doctor Doom, believing he has killed Richards in a test of willpower, departs certain of his victory and superior intelligence, although saddened.

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Doctor Doom stole the Silver Surfer's powers in 1967, but lost them after breaching a barrier Galactus had set for the Surfer on Earth.

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Doctor Doom survived by transferring his consciousness to another human, and is returned to his original body by the Beyonder .

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When Franklin Richards was kidnapped by Onslaught, Doctor Doom joined the Fantastic Four, Avengers and the X-Men to battle Onslaught in Central Park.

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The Fantastic Four, the majority of the Avengers, and the Hulk-less Banner followed in short order, with Doctor Doom being forced to join the sacrifice when Iron Man tackled the villain into the energy mass.

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Doctor Doom managed to convince the little boy to relinquish control of this world with little more than a few errant promises of a better life.

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When Susan Richards experienced problems with her second pregnancy while Reed was away, Johnny contacted Doctor Doom for help, correctly guessing that Doctor Doom will be unable to pass up a chance to succeed where Reed failed .

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However, this inspires a new plan where Doctor Doom makes Valeria his familiar while seeking out her namesake as part of a deal with a trio of demons; by sacrificing his old lover, Doctor Doom is granted magical powers on the level he would possess if he had spent the past years studying sorcery rather than science.

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However, this plan backfires when the rest of the team attempt to rescue Reed, resulting in Doctor Doom transferring his spirit into Sue, Johnny, and Ben respectively, forcing Reed to kill his best friend to stop his greatest enemy.

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Doctor Doom was returned to Hell, but Reed is later able to use the same machine Doctor Doom once tried to create to travel to Heaven and restore Ben to life.

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Whether or not it was sent by Doctor Doom himself remains to be seen, as does his role in the overall conflict.

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Doctor Doom was not invited to the wedding of Storm and the Black Panther.

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Later on, Doctor Doom is then shown collaborating with the Red Skull on a weapon that will only "be the beginning" of Captain America's suffering.

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Von Doctor Doom gave the Red Skull the weapon because the Red Skull gave Victor pieces of technology from an old German castle.

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Doctor Doom spurns Beast by stating that genetics does not number among his talents.

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Doctor Doom later defends Latveria from the Mighty Avengers, following a revelation that it was one of Doom's satellites that carried the 'Venom Virus' released in New York City .

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Doctor Doom was a part of the group known as the Intelligencia after being captured to complete their plan.

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At the start of the "Siege" storyline, Doctor Doom was with the Cabal discussing the current problems with the X-Men and both Avengers teams.

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Doctor Doom demands that Osborn at once reverse his course of action against his ally Namor, to which Osborn refuses, saying that he and Emma Frost had "crossed the line" with him.

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Doctor Doom, loathing Thor and the Asgardians all the more due to his recent defeat at their hands claims that he will support Osborn's "madness" should Namor be returned to him, but Osborn refuses.

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However, it is revealed that "Doctor Doom" who had been involved with the Cabal was actually an upgraded Doombot, which releases swarms of Doombot nanites against the Cabal, tearing down Avengers Tower and forcing its denizens, such as the Dark Avengers, to evacuate.

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When Osborn contacts the real Von Doctor Doom, Victor informs him not to ever strike him again or he would be willing to go further.

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Doctor Doom becomes omnipotent with powers surpassing those of beings as the Beyonder or the Cosmic Cube.

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At the start of the story arc "Fantastic Four: Three", a guilt-ridden Doctor Doom felt that he needed to be "reborn" and was making plans to abdicate his throne and give it to Kristoff when Valeria teleported to his room unexpectedly asking for his assistance to help her father.

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Later, Doctor Doom appears among those in attendance at Johnny Storm's funeral.

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When Mister Fantastic asks what promise Doctor Doom made to Valeria, Victor states that he made a promise to help her defeat Mister Fantastic when she calls for it.

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Doctor Doom decides to hold a symposium on how to finally defeat Reed Richards.

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Around this time, Von Doctor Doom performed brain surgery on the Hulk to separate him from Bruce Banner, extracting the uniquely Banner elements from Hulk's brain and cloning a new body for Banner, in return for a favor from the Hulk.

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Doctor Doom later returned to again rule Latveria, upon ruling the council for a millennium.

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Doctor Doom subsequently makes a Faustian deal with an unspecified demon to resurrect Brother Voodoo.

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Doctor Doom assumes the role of God and claims complete dominion of this new world and its inhabitants, controlling them into thinking he was always the almighty force of creation; he takes Sue as his wife, Franklin, and Valeria as his children, condemns the Human Torch to be the sun and Ben Grimm to be the Shield wall and rewrites his own history to resurrect the majority of those whose deaths he caused.

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Doctor Doom reveals to Tony that he is a new man and wishes to help, giving the latter one of the Wands of Watoomb to keep safe from Madame Masque.

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Doctor Doom finds Iron Man again and teleports the two to the Jackpot Club in Chicago to confront Madam Masque.

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Doctor Doom appears and interrupts Tony's breakfast date with Amara.

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Doctor Doom is trying to prove to Tony that he has changed and is trying to correct the mistakes he has made, explaining that he has arrived to check up on Tony and see if he is suffering from any side-effects from being in the presence of an exorcism.

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Remembering his dissatisfaction as a God, Doctor Doom decides that it was his role to help heal the world.

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Doctor Doom goes on to join the Avengers, and later conceives a child with Dr Amara Perera.

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Doctor Doom took on the Hood and the unidentified demon possessing him one-on-one, and his face was severely burned by the demon in the process.

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Doctor Doom's makes it past the many Doombots that guard the palace before finally confronting Doom himself.

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Doctor Doom's tells him that Latveria has been overrun with dictators and opportunists since he left and that the nation needs its leader back.

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Doctor Doom is later framed for blowing up the Antlion space station and creating a black hole in its wake by Symkarian rebels who attempted to usurp his throne.

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Doctor Doom revealed that he came to Iron Man because he heard about the new armor he is wearing and wants to extrapolate it to improve his own armor only for Iron Man to turn him down.

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Doctor Doom is a polymath, scientist, and inventor who possesses genius-level intellect.

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Doctor Doom can exert technopathic control over certain machines, most notably his Doombots.

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Doctor Doom has used his scientific talents to steal or replicate the power of other beings such as the Silver Surfer, the Beyonder and in one case the entity Galactus's world-ship.

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Doctor Doom is capable of energy absorption and projection, manipulating electricity, creating protective shields, dimensional travel, healing, creating blizzards and summoning hordes of demonic creatures.

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Doctor Doom managed to come in second in a magic tournament held by the ancient sorcerer the Aged Genghis.

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Doctor Doom says that unlike Richards, he is familiar with both magic and science because of his parents.

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The armor is self-supporting, equipped with internal stores and recycling systems for air, food, water, and energy, allowing Doctor Doom to survive lengthy periods of exposure underwater or in outer space.

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Doctor Doom has displayed knowledge of pressure points and has been shown proficient with the use of shields and swords.

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Doctor Doom has total control of the nation's natural and technological resources, along with its manpower, economy, and military.

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Doctor Doom is known to harbor fugitive supervillains within Latveria as means of protecting them from prosecution, although he only does this for villains who play a part in his schemes.

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Layla Miller once reflected that Doctor Doom is incapable of accepting that he himself might be the reason for his failures.

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Doctor Doom has even on several occasions battled opponents who were intent on killing the Fantastic Four, for no other reason than the fact that he does not want the ultimate defeat of the Fantastic Four to come from anyone's hands but his own.

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Victor Von Doctor Doom has been shown to be devoted to the welfare and well-being of his subjects.

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Doctor Doom is beloved by his people of Latveria, which assumedly confirms his ego.

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Doctor Doom is a Marvel Comics anti-hero featured in the Marvel 2099 comic book Doctor Doom 2099.

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Doctor Doom breaks during the "mutant wars" and is a killing machine, focused on the deaths of the Fantastic Four.

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Doctor Doom engages in a final battle with the Four and is seemingly killed in an explosion when his powers react with those of Franklin and Valeria Richards.

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Doctor Doom is later revealed to be alive and conquers the Negative Zone after killing Annihilus and obtaining his power rod and immortality.

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Dr Doctor Doom is seen trying to destroy the Adjudicator, however he and his robotic planes are shown to disintegrate and he is last seen cheering the Fantastic Four .

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Doctor Doom can be seen in "Civil Guards" as one of the doctors that are experimenting with Spider-Man's body.

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Doctor Doom rejects his future self by pointing out that he would never do such a thing, for even if he seeks power, he always watches the cost of it, and knows that nothing he seeks could be worth such an affront to his dignity.

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Doctor Doom has fortified his castle to defend against the infected superheroes and refuses help from Nick Fury, and takes in refugees for the purpose of repopulating the planet once the situation is resolved.

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Doctor Doom creates a makeshift portal that will allow escape into other dimensions, should the zombie plague doom the planet.

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Doctor Doom is forced to vaporize the mutant Dazzler and the zombified Enchantress after the latter infects the former, but is then attacked by the zombified Marvel superheroes and infected by Reed Richards, who had infected himself and his teammates on purpose.

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Shortly before he turns, a "dying" Doctor Doom heroically uses his portal to allow the refugees escape to another reality.

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Doctor Doom is later seen in New York, as a zombie who attempts to devour Galactus before engaging in battle with the zombified superheroes who succeeded in absorbing Galactus' cosmic powers before him, presumably being killed by them off-screen.

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Doctor Doom experimented on himself using a gene sample of DC's Doomsday, transforming him into Dr Doomsday.

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Doctor Doom is seen for only a few panels dressed in all grey standing atop a cliff watching a now old Logan and Hawkeye driving the Spider Buggy built by the Human Torch.

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When Doctor Doom cut off Baron Mordo's access to Agatha Harkness, he killed Baron Mordo, took the Darkhold that was in his possession, and freed Sofia Strange and those enslaved to Mordo.

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Doctor Doom made an appearance in Marvel UK's Combat Colin strip.

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In Spider-Man: Life Story a reality in which the Marvel superheroes aged in real time and started their careers the same year as their publication, Doctor Doom has taken over Earth as a result of the Civil War between Captain America and Iron Man and a resistance being formed to combat him composed of those that didn't die or disappear entirely.

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Doctor Doom denounces Reed as a 'freak' during their initial confrontation when he finally learns what Reed's powers are.

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Doctor Doom is revered by the citizens, who refer to him as "the good doctor".

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Doctor Doom seemed reappeared in issue six of Ultimate Power, a crossover between the "Ultimate Universe" and the universe of the revamped Squadron Supreme, seemingly intent on taking over the Supremeverse.

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Dr Doctor Doom is seemingly later seen in Ultimates 3 as the one controlling Ultron.

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Doctor Doom is released and forced to join the Future Foundation alongside Invisible Woman, Falcon, and Tony Stark.

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Later on, it is revealed that Doctor Doom has teamed up with Hydra to "save" the world from corrupt governments.

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Doctor Doom captures Miles Morales and Jessica Drew, hoping to exploit their DNA to create an army of super soldiers.

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Ultimate Doctor Doom is a scientific genius, though unlike Richards he approaches science as an art rather than as a system.

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Doctor Doom can grow and fling porcupine-like volleys of metal spikes from his forearms, and possesses a regenerative power, but he cannot heal any wound caused by his own body.

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The creature Doctor Doom summoned selected his body as the most powerful it could find, passing up Thor and Thing.

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Doctor Doom proved powerful enough to fight with the Zombie Galacti and survive.

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Originally, in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, Doctor Doom was presented as president and "his holiness" of a theocratical Latveria.

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Doctor Doom warned the president of a massive earthquake that would be caused by a nuclear bomb test.

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Von Doctor Doom was able to destroy them with Adam Warlock's help, using one of his inventions called the "deactivator".

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Doctor Doom died while helping Adam Warlock stop the Brute from absorbing all of Counter-Earth's geothermal energy, turning him back into Reed Richards.

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Doctor Doom is able to take control of the heavily cyberized Cyclops though his cybernetic implants, forcing Cyclops' daughter Ruby to take him down.

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Doctor Doom eventually comes face to face with Rancor, a descendant of Wolverine, and offers to become her ally, though he secretly intended to use her as a pawn for his own gain, while she intends to slay him on her quest to determine what happened to Wolverine.

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However, Doctor Doom refuses to give them the Doctor Doom Stones unless they swear absolute loyalty to him.

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Hawkeye eventually discovers that Doctor Doom himself is actually infected after witnessing him about to eat Mystique's corpse and discovers that the Doctor Doom Stone's do not stop the infection but instead gives the Cannibal's full cognitive function instead of devolving them into savages as well as speeding up the transformation process of anyone infected.

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In Venomverse, Doctor Doom was consumed by the Poisons and became their second in command after Poison Thanos.

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Doctor Doom wanted to destroy the new mortals that appeared in a desolate Earth, but he got attacked by King Thor and Old Man Phoenix.

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When his "soldiers" were defeated and imprisoned, Doctor Doom retreated to Latveria, creating an impenetrable forcefield over the whole country.

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Decades later, Wolverine receives word that Doctor Doom is holding her clone sister Bellona prisoner, and leads a covert attack to take Doctor Doom out once and for all.

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Doctor Doom manages to capture Laura, revealing that he deliberately leaked the intel that drove her to attack.

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Doctor Doom used to love a woman named Valeria so much that when she died, he removed the flesh from her bones and forged it with an armor through the power of sacrifice which he did the same thing when he tortured anyone who defied him when he became his world's Sorcerer Supreme.

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Doctor Doom Supreme was able to do that by gathering Black Skull, Dark Phoenix and her Berserkers, Ghost Goblin, Kid Thanos, and King Killmonger.

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Since Doctor Doom is one of Marvel's most popular villains, he has been featured in many forms of merchandise, including various action figures and trading cards:.

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