30 Facts About Doom 2099


Doom 2099 is a fictional anti-hero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Doom 2099 would run for 44 issues, with Doom making notable appearances in 2099 Unlimited, 2099: World of Tomorrow, Ghost Rider 2099, Hulk 2099, Punisher 2099, Ravage 2099, Spider-Man 2099, and X-Men 2099.

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Doom 2099 confronts the new dictator of the nation, but is quickly defeated by Wylde's superior technology — his armor depleted of energy and destroyed, and his face is scarred.

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Doom 2099 becomes a freedom fighter, and successfully strikes back against an increasingly more frustrated Tiger Wylde.

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Doom 2099 stole Wylde's shipment of tritonium, an unstable radioactive mineral, useful both as a regenerating explosive and as a power source, thereby prompting Wylde to attack.

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Alongside his few Zefiro allies, and with the use of the tritonium he has seized, Doom 2099 is able to defeat and destroy Wylde and regain control of his homeland to become Monarch of Latveria, ruling once more from a rebuilt Castle Doom 2099, built "as a bridge between the village of Antikva and the metropolis of Gojradia" .

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Doom 2099 then decides that the world has become chaotic and corrupt, and to save it, he must conquer it.

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Doom 2099's confusion increased when another man showed up garbed in a silver variation of his armor bearing a blazing energy port in the mid-section, similar to the arc reactor port in Iron Man's armor and a non-hooded variation of his royal green cloak, claiming to be the real Doctor Doom.

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Doom 2099 made the X-Men 2099 the law enforcers of Halo City, a place where mutants and humans could live in peace.

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Doom 2099, now believed to be dead, but very much alive escapes to Halo City, where he teams up with Billy Zedd, a techno-savant featured in the X-Men storyline.

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Zedd rebuilds and redesigns Doom 2099's armor, designing a distinctively masked variation of his original green hooded and cloaked silver armor and creates a vat of nanomachines, which Doom 2099 sends to Washington, using the Driver, another character from the pages of X-Men.

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Doom 2099 returned to Myridia, the world's source of information, hoping to find a way to save Latveria.

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Doom 2099 traveled back to the 20th century, battling his own present day self, as well as the 20th century Daredevil and Namor.

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Immediately upon his return, Doom 2099 is greeted by the Phalanx, who had returned to Earth to attempt assimilation of the human race again.

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Doom 2099 character was one of many to appear in the new title 2099: World of Tomorrow.

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Castle Doom 2099 had survived the ice caps melting, being one of the few places still above water.

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Doom 2099 is seemingly in league with Magus, the emissary of the Phalanx, assisting him in finding the scout which contains a code that will begin the Phalanx assimilation.

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In reality Doom 2099 has been experimenting on humans, with the help of Xena Kwan, former lover of Miguel O'Hara, to find a way of purging the Techno Organic Virus.

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Doom 2099 is destroyed along with Magnus and with his final will names Nostromo heir to the throne of Latveria.

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Doom 2099 is shown searching for a way to prevent the Timestream from collapsing after it is damaged by the efforts of the Earth-616 version of the Red Skull.

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When Doom 2099 conquered the United States, he gathered his Black Cabinet, a group of talented and unique individuals:.

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Doom had less of an impact on the Spider-Man 2099 title, but the 2099 World of Doom special indicated that Spider-Man had indeed accepted the post.

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Doom 2099 has extensive knowledge of all sciences, and is an expert in robotics, trans-Einsteinian physics, genetic engineering, weapons technology, time travel, bio-chemistry, and other fields.

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Doom 2099 wears an adamantium-lanxide laced armor over cybermesh circuitry enabling tactile interface with nanoids in his brain and bloodstream, that he designed with the help of Celia Quinones.

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Doom 2099's armor possesses a wide array of sensors and scanners.

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Doom 2099 would find new life during the "World Tour" run of the Exiles series.

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Doom 2099 is revealed as the current monarch of Latveria and hacks into a public eye camera to offer the Proteus-possessed Hulk a safe haven in Latveria.

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Victor Von Doom appears in the Timestorm mini-series that returns to the 2099 universe.

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An apparently immortal via body-hopping Victor Von Doom appears in Marvel Knights: 2099 that features an alternate take on the 2099 universe.

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Doom 2099 assumes the mantle of the Black Panther and destroys the rest of the army, seemingly stopping Doom's plans.

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