28 Facts About Ghost Rider


Ghost Rider is the name of multiple antiheroes and superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Ghost Rider eventually learns he has been bonded with the demon Zarathos.

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In May 2011, Ghost Rider placed 90th on IGN's "Top 100 Comic Book Heroes" list.

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Ghost Rider received his own series in 1973, with penciller Jim Mooney handling most of the first nine issues.

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Ghost Rider's was killed by Carnage during the Absolute Carnage event.

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Ghost Rider possesses powers more in line with those of the Zarathos version of Ghost Rider, although he possesses the Penance Stare and his motorcycle seemed to share characteristics with the Noble Kale version.

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Ghost Rider's appearance is distinguished by a deep purple skull, large fangs protruding from his upper jaw, and backswept curved horns on the top of his skull.

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Ghost Rider is a human who can transform into a skeletal superhuman wreathed in ethereal flame and given supernatural powers.

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When Ghost Rider had destroyed the Furies, Pastor offered him human flesh - Noble's son.

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Noble, in the guise of Ghost Rider, was unwilling to eat his own child and he killed himself.

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The stranger allowed the boy to live and names him "Ghost Rider" before telling him to challenge him when he is worthy.

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The Ghost Rider continued his search and five years later, eventually caught up with the man who devoured his tribe.

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The Ghost Rider fought the Wendigo until finally it and the Ghost Rider's woolly mammoth tumbled over a cliff.

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The Ghost Rider swore revenge and assisted his teammates in defeating the Fallen and sealing it away underground in what would become South Africa.

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The Ghost Rider later assisted the prehistoric Avengers in fighting the First Host.

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Ghost Rider was later killed by Narcosis to serve as a warning to Mephisto by Belasco to keep his Spirits of Vengeance out of Limbo.

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Ghost Rider targeted anyone who killed Native American women and children or who cut off their scalps.

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Ghost Rider's attention was brought to the hellfire shotgun in possession of Badilino.

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For twenty years Blaze trains to become the Ghost Rider, burning away his Christian baptism, and is sent into the world to get his revenge.

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Ghost Rider is later seen in a park with Satan watching Roxanne, who was brought back to life with no memory of what happened.

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Ghost Rider subsequently appears in the 2099 "epilogue" book Manifest Destiny, arguing with the AI that empowers him.

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Ghost Rider has the ability to traverse space and fire spike projectiles from his forearms.

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Ghost Rider is seen in Marvel Zombies: Dead Days as one of the uninfected; he then appears briefly in "Marvel Zombies" at the point in which the zombie heroes of New York are making their assault on The Silver Surfer.

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Ghost Rider later appears in Marvel Zombies 3 as an infected while chasing Machine Man and is then easily decapitated.

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Ghost Rider went to America where he found Jericho Simpson who became his new father figure and gave T'Challa a new name as Johnny Blaze.

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Ghost Rider was then revived by Zarathos, half-sister of Bast and offered to him powers in exchange of eating souls of sinners.

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Ghost Rider eventually began to lose his mind when even Mephisto fell silent to his calls.

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Ghost Rider is an alternate version of Doctor Octopus from Earth-1666 whose father Torbert Blaze trained him to have his motorcycle jump through a fiery hoop.

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