73 Facts About Doctor Octopus


Doctor Octopus, known as Doc Ock for short, is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Doctor Octopus is a highly intelligent, myopic, and somewhat stocky mad scientist who sports four strong and durable appendages resembling an octopus's tentacles, which extend from the back of his body and can be used for various purposes.

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Doctor Octopus has endured as one of Spider-Man's most prominent villains, and is regarded as one of his three archenemies, alongside the Green Goblin and Venom.

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Doctor Octopus is the founder and leader of the Sinister Six, the first supervillain team to oppose Spider-Man.

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Alfred Molina portrayed the character in the films Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: No Way Home, while Kathryn Hahn voiced a female version of Doctor Octopus named Olivia Octavius in the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse .

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Doctor Octopus is regarded as one of Spider-Man's most infamous enemies.

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Doctor Octopus has been cited as the man Peter might have become if he had not been raised with a sense of responsibility.

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Doctor Octopus's obsession did not manifest immediately, and he was regarded by his school friends as a devoted student who was genuinely interested in the studies.

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Doctor Octopus graduated near the top of his class, and was considered a catch to many scientific firms.

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Doctor Octopus designed a set of highly advanced mechanical arms controlled via a brain–computer interface to assist him with his research into atomic physics.

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Doctor Octopus showed how the metal tentacles allowed him to work safely with chemicals that would normally be too dangerous for a human being to touch or be in close vicinity to.

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Doctor Octopus has led subsequent Sinister Six groups and usually takes offense when someone else leads the team.

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Doctor Octopus later exhibited the ability to activate his mechanical arms remotely, and used them to free himself from prison.

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Doctor Octopus's resulting battle with Spider-Man resulted in Captain George Stacy's death.

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Doctor Octopus escaped death when the island was destroyed in a thermonuclear explosion and began a life as a homeless person.

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Doctor Octopus next battled the "ghost" of Hammerhead, unwittingly returned him to his corporeal form using a particle accelerator and defeated him after forming a temporary alliance with Spider-Man.

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Doctor Octopus attempted to poison New York City with printers' ink, and battled the Punisher and Spider-Man.

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Doctor Octopus successfully deactivated a nuclear reactor in a laboratory before meltdown.

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Doctor Octopus later displayed symptoms which Mister Fantastic diagnosed as multiple personality disorder.

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Doctor Octopus was able to defeat the X-Men, until Magneto came to the mutants' aid.

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Doctor Octopus's crowning achievement of evil was the near-fatal beating of the Black Cat which led to Spider-Man beating Doctor Octopus to within an inch of his life.

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Doctor Octopus has had to deal with another usurper, in the form of arrogant young businessman and con artist Luke Carlyle, who pretended to employ Octavius at his company.

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Doctor Octopus was taken to Ryker's Island and was drugged and brainwashed to kill the Green Goblin.

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Doctor Octopus interrupted a battle between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin on the Brooklyn Bridge, and the two villains were struck by lightning and fell into the river below.

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Doctor Octopus was dragged out days later with no memory of the event and missing two months of his life.

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Doctor Octopus then goes rampaging throughout the city, in utter disbelief that not only was he beaten numerous times by a teenager, but of the lost opportunity he had when he unmasked Parker in their second encounter .

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Doctor Octopus is again defeated by Spider-Man, who confronts Doctor Octopus unmasked, after two of Peter's students distract Octavius.

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Octavius and Spider-Man keep crossing their ways during the following months, with the Avengers fighting a new iteration of the Sinister Six, Doctor Octopus sending a remote Octobot in John Jameson's shuttle, and Octavius contacting Iron Man to force him to find a cure for his degenerative condition.

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When Carlie had found evidence that Doctor Octopus' mind is in Spider-Man's body, she mourns Peter in Doctor Octopus' grave.

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Doctor Octopus then tries to find the Goblin King; however, before he can do so, Menace takes supporting character Anna Maria Marconi hostage.

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At the time when the Living Brain was at Parker Industries' London branch, Doctor Octopus' consciousness expresses anger over being forced to act like their lackey.

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Now an ally of the Jackal, Doctor Octopus receives the special New U Pills to prevent his body from suffering clone degeneration.

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Outside of his work with HYDRA's Avengers, the Superior Doctor Octopus approached Spider-Man, where he wants him to transfer ownership of Parker Industries back to him.

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When Peter Parker declined this offer, the Superior Doctor Octopus had the HYDRA agents in Parker Industries' London branch blow up the building.

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Doctor Octopus was seen applying for a job under Max Modell as Anna Maria starts acting suspicious towards Dr Elliot Tolliver.

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The Superior Doctor Octopus agrees to spare them more pain in exchange for the Night Shift becoming his agents, where he will compensate them from his own funds.

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The Superior Doctor Octopus leaves, advising them never to cross him or they will not live long enough to regret it.

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Doctor Octopus beats Octavius, and reveals that he plans to kill everyone that he cares about as revenge for insulting him.

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At the time when Doctor Octopus was finding clues to some of his missing memories and found a casket in a grave empty, Kindred had one of his centipedes go into Doctor Octopus' ear and had him go unconscious.

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At an unknown beach, Doctor Octopus helped Sandman with his loss of direction and promised to solve Sandman's immortality problem.

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In truth, Doctor Octopus secretly prepares a sonic transducer to destroy Kindred's centipedes, at cost of knocking the rest of Spider-Man's past foes, while saving them as well from hunting Spider-Man before the centipedes devoured their brains.

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Doctor Octopus accompanied the NYPD and Homeland Security to the Baxter Building to do a full investigation on the weapons of mass destruction that might be located there.

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Doctor Octopus later makes use of Reed Richards' inter-dimensional gate where he brings over version of himself like Hulk from Earth-8816 who has two sets of arms growing from his back, a version of Ghost Rider from Earth-1666 with chain-tentacles coming out of his back, and a version of Wolverine from Earth-9712 with immensely sharp blades on the tentacles coming out of his back.

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Doctor Octopus is then teleported to the Savage Land on Earth-8969 where he is ensnared by Supreme Octopus who considers himself superior to Doctor Octopus where he mentioned that he liquefied Shuma-Gorath, made Dormammu grovel, and burned Knull to ashes.

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Doctor Octopus is then locked up with a skeleton and carnivorous plants in Supreme Octopus' mobile base called the Supreme Sanctorum.

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Doctor Octopus has developed his concentration and control to the point that he can engage a single opponent, like Spider-Man, or multiple opponents with the arms while performing a completely separate, more delicate task, such as stirring coffee or constructing a machine.

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Doctor Octopus has managed to force opponents as formidable as Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Captain America to take up a defensive position in a fight.

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Doctor Octopus has employed an armored body suit enabling him to breathe underwater and designed to withstand extreme water pressure.

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Doctor Octopus has begun wearing a full-body armor suit due to an illness caused by the amount of punishment he has sustained over the years, made even worse by the fact that his ability to take damage is still at a human norm, even if he can deliver a superhuman level of punishment; he relies completely on his arms to prevent opponents with superhuman strength getting in close enough to damage his relatively unfit physical form even before his illness.

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Doctor Octopus has developed psychokinetic-telepathic control over an army of "Octobots" .

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Doctor Octopus has possessed a total of three different harnesses during his career: the original titanium harness, a more powerful adamantium harness, and a carbonadium harness with tentacles bearing an octopus-like motif.

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Doctor Octopus is even capable of whirling his tentacles around to deflect small projectiles like bullets.

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Doctor Octopus retains access to some of his former hideouts from when he was Doctor Octopus, coupling Horizon Tech-derived inventions with his own peculiar brand of technology.

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Doctor Octopus believes that the blood of Peter Parquagh might be the basis of a more effective potion.

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Doctor Octopus is later killed by a transformed le Pym's giant foot.

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On Earth-2149 an undead Doctor Octopus first appears in the Marvel Zombies series alongside several other zombie supervillains attempting to kill and devour the invading Galactus; this incarnation of Doctor Octopus is apparently destroyed piecemeal by several cosmically powered hero zombies after he got in the way of an attack they were aiming at the invading Galactus.

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Doctor Octopus was ripped in half and infected by the reality-hopping Zombie Spider-Man.

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The zombie Doctor Octopus's body is then destroyed and devoured by a zombified Spider-Man and then spit out after he and the rest of the Sinister Six have devoured Peter's friends.

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The Buzz and Spider-Girl eventually apprehend Doctor Octopus, who—now being struck with cancer—falls into a coma from which he is not expected to recover.

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Doctor Octopus's legs are crippled and withered, and he travels in a wheelchair with six long metal claw-like tentacles sticking out.

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Doctor Octopus is officially conducting experiments on primates to study their brains in connection with evolution and, in the end, it is shown he is secretly taking in kidnapped African Americans for his own, more secret experiments.

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Doctor Octopus is later revealed to in fact be working with the Nazis and their American proxies, the "Friends of New Germany", with the plot of making all minorities into mindless slaves.

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The hope is to use Spider-Man to reignite the age of the super powered beings, as both Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man were born from nuclear accidents.

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However, once he realizes that Luthor intends to destroy most of the planet Earth, Doctor Octopus betrays Luthor and attempts to stop him, but is defeated .

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Ultimate Marvel version of Doctor Octopus is younger, more muscular, and wears sunglasses to disguise scars from the accident that fused him to his metal arms.

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Doctor Octopus's arms are made of nanobots, and thus can transform into different tools.

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Doctor Octopus is caught in a lab accident involving the drug OZ that turned Norman into the Green Goblin.

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Doctor Octopus seeks revenge against Hammer, but is defeated by Spider-Man, although Hammer died of a heart attack caused by Octavius' attack.

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Doctor Octopus manages to capture Parker and brings him aboard an airplane, torturing and unmasking him.

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Doctor Octopus reveals that he is outside Fury's jurisdiction, and takes pleasure in pointing out to Parker that his work perverts the hero's life.

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Doctor Octopus creates a new set of arms out of metal scraps and battles both Spider-Man and Spider-Woman, killing a clone before being knocked out.

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Doctor Octopus has appeared as a boss and occasional playable character in multiple Spider-Man and non-Spider-Man-related video games.

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Doctor Octopus appears in Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man series, voiced by William Salyers.

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