19 Facts About Green Goblin


Green Goblin is the alias of several supervillains appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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The Green Goblin is a Halloween-themed super villain whose weapons resemble bats, ghosts and jack-o'-lanterns and in most incarnations uses a hoverboard or glider to fly.

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Stan's synopsis for the Green Goblin had a movie crew, on location, finding an Egyptian–like sarcophagus.

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Harry Osborn's becoming the Green Goblin was mostly well-received, with fans remarking that Harry was more menacing than his father had ever been.

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Green Goblin that was presumably Hamilton appears as a member of the second incarnation of the Legion of the Unliving created by the Grandmaster.

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The Green Goblin goes after Liz Allan in a desperate bid to find a cure for his condition, but is driven off by Spider-Man.

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In later appearances, it is established that due to the "Goblin Formula", Norman and most successors to the Green Goblin persona possesses superhuman strength, increased speed, reflexes, endurance, intelligence and healing rate, while Norman started with a portion of the chemical's power because of an accidental splash in the face during the time where one had to bathe in it long enough to get the full effect before the drinking version was created.

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Green Goblin's intelligence has been enhanced to gifted levels, though at the price of his sanity.

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Green Goblin wears a green costume underneath bulletproof chainmail with an overlapping purple tunic.

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Green Goblin's mask has a built-in gas filter to keep him safe from his own gases.

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The Green Goblin later added radio-linked voice controls to his mask.

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The Green Goblin carries these and a variety of other weapons, such as razor bats and miniature "Ghost Bombs", in an over-the-shoulder satchel he calls his "Bag of Tricks".

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The Green Goblin has a range of other "Pumpkin Bombs" and "Ghost Bombs" at his disposal, including smoke-and gas-emitting bombs.

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Green Goblin has bat-like glider-wings and a bag of "tricks", similar to the 20th century version.

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Green Goblin is eventually unmasked, and appears to be Spider-Man's brother Gabriel O'Hara, although it is later revealed, in a retcon, that he is a shapeshifter who took Gabriel's identity.

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Writer Peter David, who quit the book between creating the character and the unmasking, has said that it was his intent for the Green Goblin to be female Catholic priest named Father Jennifer, and for Gabriel to be a red herring.

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The Sinister Six discover that the Green Goblin is actually Father Jennifer D'Angelo, an undercover ally of Kasey.

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Green Goblin's grows up training to follow Norman Osborn's footsteps, and eventually becomes the leader of the Order of the Goblin.

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Green Goblin is a founding member of the New New Warriors.

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