11 Facts About Max Modell


Max Modell is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Marla Madison-Jameson was the one who hooked up Peter Parker with Modell who got Peter a job at Horizon Labs after proving himself by shutting down Sanjani Jaffrey's out-of-control machine.

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Max Modell later give orders to have the reverbium destroyed much to the chagrin of Jaffrey.

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At Andru Air Force Base, Max Modell has been confirmed to monitor the launch of the rocket that John Jameson will be piloting.

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When it comes to the day of the launch, Max Modell was present when Alistair Smythe unleashes the Spider-Slayers on the launch site.

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Max Modell later tells Peter about the complaints that Grady Scraps and Sanjani gave him about Peter's project heavily borrowing from the two's projects.

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Peter and Max later coordinate John's mission on the Apogee 1 Station while opening a channel to JJ J This lasts until Juergen Muntz tells them that the Apogee 1 Station is experiencing a full system error caused by the Octobots that were sent there by Doctor Octopus and Mysterio.

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When Curt uses the Lizard Formula again to regain the lost right arm, Max Modell gets injected with the formula, turning him into a Lizard.

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Max Modell is reviewing a group of candidates for the position.

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Max Modell calls Tolliver to his office where Tolliver admits being the Proto-Clone created by New U Technologies and is hosting Otto Octavius' mind.

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Max Modell stated that he already knew of Octavius being the Proto-Clone and Superior Spider-Man as well as stating that he believes in second chances.

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