18 Facts About Alistair Smythe


Alistair Alphonso Smythe is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Alistair Smythe initially worked for the Kingpin but left in disagreement over how to deal with Spider-Man and went solo.

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Alistair Smythe coerced Jameson to alter the stories in the Daily Bugle or else he'd kill his wife and son John Jameson.

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Alistair Smythe gave Spider-Man the choice of either stopping them or preventing the six-armed slayer from destroying Jameson.

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Alistair Smythe made another return in which he used a poisonous spider he made and attacked John Jameson and caused him to end up in the hospital.

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Alistair Smythe decides to seek out Mac Gargan for help, who is currently locked away in jail.

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At this point, Alistair Smythe has amassed a small army of cyborg minions, all of whom want revenge on Jameson.

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Alistair Smythe's actions get Jameson's wife Dr Marla Jameson killed, as well as seemingly permanently negating Spider-Man's spider-sense when a device Spider-Man designed to overload a link between Alistair Smythe's current Slayers damaged his spider-sense.

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Alistair Smythe laughed at the irony of how Jameson has gained spider powers.

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Alistair Smythe is a witness of the escape of Doctor Octopus and is denied to join up with him.

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Alistair Smythe tries to taunt the Superior Spider-Man by mentioning Marla Jameson's death, but he brushes him off.

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Just as Alistair Smythe's execution begins, a swarm of mini Spider-Slayers attack the place allowing Alistair Smythe to move freely.

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Superior Spider-Man is seen fighting Alistair Smythe and is mocking him for being weak in comparison to his father Spencer Alistair Smythe.

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Alistair Smythe manages to reach the Raft's generators, destroying them to shut down the power in the entire island, allowing the Lizard to escape.

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Once Alistair Smythe tries to escape, Superior Spider-Man reminds him about the emergency generators.

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Alistair Smythe then tries to transfer his mind into Superior Spider-Man's body, but since Otto his corpse, with his mind intact, attacks the survivors, disarming the guards.

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Alistair Smythe is a gifted scientist specializing in robotics, cybernetics, and genetics.

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Additionally, a viral marketing campaign for the film featured a Daily Bugle article that mentions Alistair Smythe having replaced his father as the head of Oscorp's engineering division.

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