20 Facts About Living Brain


Living Brain is the name of two supervillains appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Foe of the superhero Spider-Man, the original Living Brain was created by the fictional International Computing Machines Corporation and billed as the most intelligent computer and robot in existence, capable of solving virtually any question asked of it.

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Living Brain reappears several years later, now discredited and broken-down.

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The Living Brain ends up being stolen by Dr Petty's son Steve Petty who modifies the robot, giving it a gold and red color scheme, clawed hands and the ability to fly.

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The Living Brain, restored to its pre-upgrade appearance, was then acquired by a group of criminals, who used it to commit robberies.

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Beyond Corporation somehow created duplicates of Living Brain and unleashed them upon Nextwave at the time when they invaded the Beyond Corporation's State 51 base.

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Living Brain was among the contestants in a cosmic roller derby held by Chadmaster .

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Living Brain has been reprogrammed by Otto and now serves as his assistant.

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When Ghost takes over the security measures to attack the Parker Industries staff as part of his sabotage mission upon being hired by Mark Raxton and Tiberius Stone of Alchemax, Living Brain is ordered by Peter Parker to protect the employees during the evacuation and is damaged in the process.

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Once Sajani is out of earshot, Anna jokingly orders Living Brain to terminate her, but he responds that his programming prevents him from complying.

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Living Brain follows and offers to assist her, making her remark that ever since his last upgrade, he's become clingy.

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Anna is unaware that Living Brain contains a copy of the consciousness of Doctor Octopus.

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When it came to Peter Parker scanning Living Brain to find out why it was acting weird, he hears Doctor Octopus' voice asking why he was erased.

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Living Brain has the ability to analyze any situation and determine how best to achieve its goals.

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Living Brain can find any weaknesses in a being or structure as well as determining the best situation to overcome this obstacle.

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Living Brain has dense metal exo-skeleton and possesses super-strength and speed.

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Originally, Living Brain had external controls on its thorax, with which it can be deactivated, yet Living Brain has always countered any attempts to reach it.

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The Living Brain has great strength, ability to move upon command and its limbs can perform various motions.

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Living Brain has even beaten the Avengers once due to his extreme intelligence.

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The Living Brain, was developed by Roxxon to demonstrate itself at Peter's school, Midtown High.

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