32 Facts About Dormammu


Dormammu is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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In 2009, Dormammu was ranked as IGN's 56th-greatest comic book villain of all time.

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Dormammu is first mentioned by Karl Amadeus Mordo, senior apprentice of the appointed "Sorcerer Supreme" the "Ancient One", who, in the entity's service, attempts to slowly weaken the sorcerer, but is stopped when his fellow pupil Stephen Strange alerts his master to the betrayal.

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Dormammu engages Strange in mystic combat and shows himself to be far more powerful, but, when drawing upon the realm's energies, inadvertently weakens the barrier containing the horde of Mindless Ones.

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Indebted to Strange for his help, Dormammu ends the fight, and in return Strange demands a binding vow to never enter the "Earth realm" again and to not harm Clea.

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Dormammu complies, but gains a burning hatred against Strange for the humiliation.

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Dormammu uses a loophole to his oath by granting Mordo vast power, whereupon the sorcerer leads his minions on a lengthy hunt for Strange, and abduct the Ancient One as a bargaining chip.

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Dormammu learns of her betrayal, brings all three Earth sorcerers to a neutral realm, to let her see his disciple destroy Strange, and summons fellow "Lords of the Netherworlds" to watch the spectacle.

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When Strange begins to get an advantage against Mordo, Dormammu decides to face the sorcerer in a contest of pure hand-to-hand-combat.

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Dormammu enters into an alliance with the Asgardian Loki and tricks superhero teams the Avengers and Defenders into fighting each other for components of the artifact known as the Evil Eye.

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The Eye is reassembled, and allows Dormammu to merge his own universe with all the planets of the "regular" Marvel Universe without breaking his vow.

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Together with Umar, Dormammu captures the elder goddess Gaea, and seeks revenge against the Scarlet Witch by kidnapping her and her mentor, Agatha Harkness, from her wedding to the Vision.

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Dormammu is betrayed by Umar, who steals his power and allows the character to be banished from Earth.

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Dormammu possesses Krowler, and begins to manifest on the Earth plane by absorbing power from the destruction of World War II, but he is banished by Doctor Strange.

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Dormammu finds that he has been tricked into becoming the ruler of the realm of the Mindless Ones.

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Dormammu is momentarily shaken, and appears to be defeated, but this is only a mirage.

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Dormammu follows them back to their dimension, merges with his counterpart in this timeline, doubling his power, and attacks their headquarters, demanding the presence of the Doctor Strange of their time.

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Strange, now called the Ancient One, arrives with his disciple, the alien Krugarr, and battles Dormammu, assisted by the Guardians, the "Galactic Guardians", and the Phoenix Force.

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Dormammu kills the elderly Strange, and almost overwhelms his other foes, but is defeated when Krugarr summons the spirit of Strange, and they channel the combined power of everyone in the assembly to banish Dormammu to his home dimension.

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Dormammu appears as the guiding force behind an attack on the self-titled Goddess during "The Infinity Crusade" storyline.

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Dormammu uses the demon lord Satannish and warlock Nicholas Scratch to lead his Demonic armies to capture five of the inter-dimensional places of Hell, in a plot to eventually conquer all life and afterlife.

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Dormammu is thwarted when the heroine Hellcat rallies the powers of Hell to weaken the character by engineering a complete absence of mystic flame.

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Dormammu sends an army of Mindless Ones to attack the city of New York, and trick several prominent Marvel superheroes into unintentionally making him materialize on Earth by tricking them into combining dimensional energies in an attempt to dispel the Mindless Ones.

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Dormammu briefly appears when the newly appointed "Sorcerer Supreme" Doctor Voodoo enters his domain.

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Dormammu has been described as "something worse than a demon".

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Dormammu is known to have already existed at the creation of the current demonic netherworlds; to have clashed with Agamotto hundreds of millions of years ago; to have served as the primary enemy of the Vishanti ever since; and to have been considered an extreme threat by the mages of "pre-cataclysm" Atlantis.

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Dormammu is presented as the most powerful and malevolent of "the Faltine", a higher-dimensional mystical energy beings.

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Dormammu continued to gradually merge other mystical universes to his own, while spreading his worship to any sorcerers throughout the multiverse who invoked his powers.

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In certain instances Dormammu has been displayed approaching a universal, or even multiversal, scale of influence.

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Dormammu is apparently stronger in the Dark Dimension, being empowered by the worship of his followers, and can draw upon its power.

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Dormammu is summoned into Marvel Mangaverse by The Incredible Hulk .

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Dormammu was defeated after Susan sealed his entire head with her force-field and being overwhelmed by Human Torch's power, turning him into a powerless human being.

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