26 Facts About Clea


Clea Strange is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Clea's is a sorceress, the disciple, lover, and eventual wife of Doctor Stephen Strange, and his successor as Sorcerer Supreme.

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Clea is a human-appearing being and maternally related to the other-dimensional Faltine race of energy beings.

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Clea remained nameless for several issues, referred to only as of the "captive female" or the "mysterious silver-haired girl".

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In 2004, Clea appeared in the Witches series along with Jennifer Kale, Satana, and Topaz.

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Clea's was to Strange what he was to the Ancient One [Strange's instructor in the mystic arts].

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Clea observed Doctor Strange in the Dark Dimension and was impressed by his courage.

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Clea's warned Strange against facing Dormammu, and Dormammu punished her for her betrayal.

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Clea's became Strange's only ally in the Dark Dimension and soon became a captive of her uncle.

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Clea was found and freed by Doctor Strange, and went to live on Earth with him.

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Clea helped save herself from being sacrificed by Dormammu and came to believe Morganna Blessing loved Strange more than she did.

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Clea revealed to the inhabitants of the Dark Dimension that her mother didn't care for her subjects at all and was willing to endanger them to defeat Clea.

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The population became convinced that Clea should be the ruler and the "Flames of Regency" appeared on Clea's head.

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Clea was held hostage to lure in Doctor Strange, but Strange and Clea managed to escape Dormammu and arrived near Umar.

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Clea revealed to her mother that she had married Strange.

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Doctor Strange told the Illuminati of how Clea left him to lead the rebellion in the Dark Dimension.

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Doctor Doom arrives at the Sanctum and demands to know how Clea has become the Sorcerer Supreme through unconventional means, though Clea refuses to reveal the information.

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Clea is the Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension, possessing vast powers involving the manipulation of the forces of magic for a variety of effects.

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Clea's has exhibited such abilities as transmutation, forming and throwing magical bolts of concussive energy, magically constructed animate beings, conjuring objects and energies, teleporting, telekinesis, levitation, mesmerism, thought-casting, controlling others' minds, casting illusions, and the tapping of extra-dimensional energy by invoking entities or objects of power existing in dimensions tangential to Earth's through the recitation of spells.

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Clea's possesses greater strength and body density than that of a normal Earth human.

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Clea possesses a vast knowledge of magical lore through extensive studies of sorcery under Doctor Strange, who trained her in hand-to-hand combat.

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Clea is a compelling character that doesn't feel one-dimensional–her near-arrogance is infectious and it's exciting to see her shut down Doctor Doom and leap into action.

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Clea's wields all the power, knowledge, and experience of her realm and Earth-616.

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Clea succeeds and attempts to rekindle the love between them, but Clea rejects him saying that he still does not understand her.

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Clea is introduced as somewhat of a guardian figure, who spends all her time playing babysitter for Doctor Strange and giving him a lot of "tough love".

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In "Ultimate Marvel", Clea appears as the former wife of Stephen Strange who tried to raise their son Stephen Strange Jr.

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