24 Facts About Sorcerer Supreme


Sorcerer Supreme acquires an assortment of mystical objects, including the powerful Eye of Agamotto and Cloak of Levitation, and takes up residence in a mansion referred to as the Sanctum Sanctorum, located at 177A Bleecker Street, Greenwich Village, New York City.

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Sorcerer Supreme appeared in both the main story detailing the formation of superhero team the Defenders, and the related back-up story.

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Sorcerer Supreme appeared regularly in The Amazing Spider-Man under J Michael Straczynski, before being cast into a time loop by Baron Mordo.

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Sorcerer Supreme later appeared on and off in The New Avengers, where he was stated as being part of the secret group known as the Illuminati to deal with future threats to Earth.

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Sorcerer Supreme was featured in The Order, which spun out of the 2001 Defenders revival, and the Indefensible Defenders mini-series.

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Strange eventually regains his position of Sorcerer Supreme, but is possessed by a demon and becomes leader of the Black Priests.

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Sorcerer Supreme was born in Philadelphia and grew up in New York City.

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Sorcerer Supreme soon finds that his fingers tremble uncontrollably, rendering him unable to perform surgery.

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Sorcerer Supreme happens to overhear two sailors in a bar discussing a hermit called the Ancient One in the Himalayas, who can heal any ailment.

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Sorcerer Supreme fails, but Strange then commits a heroic act when he discovers the Ancient One's disciple, Baron Mordo, attempting to kill his mentor and usurp his power.

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Sorcerer Supreme holds the title of Sorcerer Supreme beginning with the 1973 storyline in which the Ancient One dies, and retains the title thereafter, except during an interruption from 1992 to 1995.

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Sorcerer Supreme briefly lost the book when he destroyed his home to prevent the alien wizard Urthona from taking his magical artifacts, but the book was saved by Agamotto, who transported it to his realm and returned it to Strange some time later.

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Sorcerer Supreme is the replacement in the 1602 universe for John Dee and is married to a version of Clea.

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The Sorceress Sorcerer Supreme of Earth is a young woman who calls herself "Strange".

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Sorcerer Supreme is very inexperienced in her powers and uses them recklessly.

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Sorcerer Supreme was last seen in living form as part of Nick Fury's resistance to defeat the zombified Marvel superheroes in the spinoff Dead Days before he and the rest of the surviving superheroes are later overwhelmed by the zombie Fantastic Four and turned.

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Sorcerer Supreme participates in the multi-zombie attack on Doctor Doom's castle, in an effort to capture and devour the unaffected Latverian citizens inside.

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Sorcerer Supreme is part of Kingpin's undead alliance and can only perform two spells, one of which allows viewers to see into other universes which becomes an essential tool to Kingpin's plans.

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The title of "Sorcerer Supreme" was only self-proclaimed by the elder Strange as reported in the comics during a TV news broadcast.

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Sorcerer Supreme is known to the public as "Dr Strange", although he does not hold a medical degree or doctorate.

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Sorcerer Supreme has bemoaned his lack of knowledge in things mystical and usually, just barely saves the day with one last desperate, untried spell.

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Sorcerer Supreme's Earth was eradicated by the Poisons so he had gathered Venoms from across the multiverse in order to prevent the Poisons from consuming more of them.

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Sorcerer Supreme is captured by the Poisons and he realises that instead of bringing more Venoms to fight, he had brought the Poisons more Venoms to consume.

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Sorcerer Supreme first appeared in Doctor Strange before making further appearances in the films Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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