37 Facts About Baron Mordo


Baron Karl Amadeus Mordo is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Baron Mordo is a gifted magician, especially adept in the black arts of magic, including summoning demons.

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Karl Baron Mordo was studying the magic arts under the Ancient One in Tibet when Dr Stephen Strange arrived.

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Baron Mordo has since clashed several times with Dr Strange, at times with the backing of the demon Dormammu, briefly even impersonating Dr Strange.

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Baron Mordo character has appeared in other forms of media, such as animated television series, films, and video games.

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Transylvanian nobleman was born on in Varf Mandra, and Karl Amadeus Baron Mordo became a student of the Tibetan sorcerer known as the Ancient One.

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When Baron Mordo plotted to kill his teacher, Dr Stephen Strange learned of the plot.

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Baron Mordo was forced to cast restraining spells to prevent Strange from warning the Ancient One.

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Baron Mordo's abilities were similar to those of Doctor Strange, but Baron Mordo was particularly skilled at astral projection and hypnosis, as well as mesmerism.

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Baron Mordo was more than willing to use powerful black magic and invoke demons, both of which Strange was reluctant or unable to do.

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Baron Mordo sent his astral form to hypnotize the Ancient One's servant into poisoning his food, hoping the old man would reveal his secrets of magic.

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Baron Mordo disguised himself as Sir Clive Bentley, and trapped Doctor Strange with a drugged candle that paralyzed him, but Strange was able to use his mental powers to call a local girl to free him.

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Baron Mordo opposed Doctor Strange's discipleship to the Ancient One.

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Baron Mordo set a series of new traps for Strange in a bid to wrest magical secrets from the Ancient One.

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Baron Mordo took Strange's body while Strange was astral projecting for a threat he sensed that Baron Mordo had caused, and cast a barrier around it, knowing that if his astral form was out for 24 hours it would die.

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Baron Mordo made a deal with his new master, the demonic Dormammu of the Dark Dimension, to amass additional power to defeat Doctor Strange.

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Baron Mordo dispatched agents, other evil magicians around the World and Spirit wraiths, to search for the incognito Strange, and then banished him from the Earth.

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Baron Mordo fled from Strange, and then dispatched agents to kill Strange.

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Baron Mordo battled Doctor Strange once more at Stonehenge, but was ultimately banished from Earth.

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Baron Mordo impersonated Doctor Strange during Strange's brief retirement, but was vanquished.

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Baron Mordo discovered the Book of Cagliostro, and battled Strange in 18th-Century Paris.

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Baron Mordo then accompanied Strange and Sise-Neg to the dawn of time.

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Baron Mordo transformed the dead Lord Phyffe into Azrael, angel of death, and dispatched him against Strange.

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Baron Mordo sent the Man-Thing to kill Strange, and assembled thirteen people for human sacrifice to the Chaos Demon.

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Baron Mordo was defeated by Strange, Jennifer Kale, and the Man-Thing.

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Baron Mordo attacked Strange, and escaped into the 1940s, but was manipulated by Dormammu.

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Baron Mordo later sold his soul to both Mephisto and Satannish for power, gaming that Strange would save him.

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Baron Mordo himself was later imprisoned, and Sara Wolfe freed him from imprisonment.

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Baron Mordo eventually contracted terminal cancer as a side effect of his use of black magic, and renounced evil just before his death.

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Baron Mordo, angered that his foe was taken by another, is confronted by Dormammu again who proceeds to attack Baron Mordo causing him to leave.

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Baron Mordo then helps Doctor Strange in banishing Dormammu directly to Shuma-Gorath.

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Baron Mordo is then defeated by Doctor Strange, Spider-Woman, Ben Urich and Kingpin.

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Baron Mordo's castle is raided by Classic Doctor Strange, Clea, and Wong when they suspect that he stole the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation.

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Baron Mordo concludes that Kaecilius is responsible for Doctor Strange's murder as Kaecilius plans to make Baron Mordo "squeal with all the agonies of the Purple Dimension" and then kill Classic Doctor Strange again with Doctor Strange's own powers.

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Baron Mordo has vast magical abilities derived from his years of studying black magic and the mystic arts.

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Baron Mordo has some knowledge of a karate-like martial art form, and has an extensive knowledge of magical lore.

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Baron Mordo appears in the last issue of Mutant X, being referred to as the 'Ancient One'.

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