10 Facts About Mindless Ones


Mindless Ones are fictional monsters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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The Mindless Ones are utilized to beat on Ben Grimm, a member of the Fantastic Four, in a test of Grimm's durability.

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The Mindless Ones are temporarily defeated when Mr Fantastic creates a machine that manipulates their magical energies, drawing them back to where they came from.

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Spider-Man sees a future where the Mindless Ones have reduced Times Square to rubble and killed Ben Grimm and Thor.

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Around this time, a single Mindless Ones One appears as a minion of the villain Doctor Midas.

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Mindless Ones's lair is discovered by the hero known as the 'Captain'.

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Mindless Ones used the collected magical energy of people captured within its rooms to create an army of Mindless Ones, but was eventually stopped by Captain Britain and MI13.

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Mindless Ones are used when Dormammu invades the realm of Limbo, an area usually ruled by Illyana Rasputin.

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Mindless Ones are capable of firing energy blasts from the hole that makes up their faces.

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Mindless Ones appear as enemies in the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

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