41 Facts About Scarlet Witch


Scarlet Witch is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Originally said to have the ability to alter probability, the Scarlet Witch has been depicted as a powerful sorceress since the 1980s and on occasion has become powerful enough to alter reality by tapping into greater energy sources.

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Since her debut, the Scarlet Witch has been labeled as one of Marvel's most notable female heroes and one of the most powerful characters from the Marvel Universe.

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The Scarlet Witch is depicted as calm and submissive, like many female comic book characters of the time.

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Scarlet Witch elected those characters because they were only published in the Avengers comic book and did not star in solo adventures, so relationship drama in the series would not interfere with stories in other publications.

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Scarlet Witch gave Wanda a more assertive personality and removed the highly-protective Quicksilver from the team.

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Englehart returned to the characters with penciler Richard Howell for a second limited series, in which the Scarlet Witch gets pregnant by magical means and delivers twin sons, William and Thomas.

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Scarlet Witch wrote and illustrated the controversial "Vision Quest" storyline, where the Vision is dismantled and turned into an emotionless being who later even refuses the chance to regain his emotions .

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Scarlet Witch's then appeared in the Young Avengers follow-up series, Avengers: The Children's Crusade, which retconned Avengers Disassembled by revealing Wanda's extreme actions and enhanced power levels during recent stories were the result of tapping into an enormous source of energy that then corrupted her, similar to when she was possessed by Chthon, brainwashed by That Which Endures, and corrupted by Immortus.

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One Scarlet Witch Warlock has two children, his daughter Natalya Maximoff, a powerful magic-user, and his son Django Maximoff, a medicine man and storyteller whose latent magic abilities bring a strange life to his puppets.

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Scarlet Witch convinces himself Wanda and Pietro were his biological children Ana and Mateo, and that Marya is dead.

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Scarlet Witch starts a new, solitary life, while Marya returns to Serbia and stays with friends.

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Scarlet Witch then falls in love with recent Avenger recruit the Vision.

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Scarlet Witch then dies trying to protect Wanda, Vision, and his true son Nuklo from his old enemy Isbisa.

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Scarlet Witch is restored to his proper mind, now having a stronger sense of identity, deciding he is not a copy of Wonder Man but more like a twin.

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Scarlet Witch's finds her power is unreliable, operating on the same level as when she first joined the Brotherhood of Mutants.

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Scarlet Witch's uses the Scarlet Witch as a conduit for magical forces, enhancing her probability powers to such a degree that she is able to warp reality according to Morgan's wishes.

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Scarlet Witch asks Wanda to join the team, giving her a chance to atone for the recent past and show others that redemption is possible.

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Scarlet Witch reveals that not only are Magneto and Magda not their parents, but they are not mutants and have no X-gene.

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Scarlet Witch explains their superhuman traits are the result of him experimenting on them as children, then abandoning them to the Maximoffs when he was unsatisfied with the results.

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Scarlet Witch's says she resents Pietro still trying to tell her what to do as though she were a lost child, bluntly telling him that she has grown whereas his refusal to learn from his past mistakes marks him as a sociopath in her eyes.

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Scarlet Witch's invites Pietro to join her quest to learn more about Natalya Maximoff but he refuses.

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Later, during the "Last Days of Magic" arc, Scarlet Witch helps Doctor Strange defeat the Empirikul, a science cult focused on destroying magic in every dimension.

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Scarlet Witch's spends a year gathering arcane artifacts to redeem herself unaware the nation of Krakoa had already established resurrection protocols to bring back dead mutants and prevent further deaths.

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Scarlet Witch's recruited Magneto's help in arranging her own death, a suicide disguised by magic to look like a murder.

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Scarlet Witch's later realizes her hex-bolts are the most basic use of chaos magic.

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Scarlet Witch's stories revealed Wanda had a strong talent for magic, possibly caused by the demon Chthon giving her latent magical talent as a child.

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Writer Kurt Busiek redefined Scarlet Witch's powers, explaining that like Magneto, her mutant ability allowed her to tap into and manipulate a specific form of energy.

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Scarlet Witch's realized she could manipulate other forms of energy .

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Scarlet Witch's later becomes powerful enough to hold multiple Avengers paralyzed through force of will.

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Whether Marvel is ready to admit it or not, we'll say it: Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, is one of the most important characters in Marvel Comics history.

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Scarlet Witch has long been one of Marvel's most important characters, first battling the X-Men as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and then finding a home with the Avengers.

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Scarlet Witch's became powerful enough that she once altered all of reality itself in House of M " Darren Franich of Entertainment Weekly stated, "The weird beating heart of the Avengers, the Scarlet Witch has been a hero and a villain, a strongwilled leader and an eternally tormented subject of untold psychological trauma.

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Scarlet Witch's can be cosmically powerful, or she can just cast lots of red energy at a problem; she's a mutant, but she has magical powers.

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Scarlet Witch's'll be making her big cinematic debut in AOU, some 51 years after her first appearance in Marvel comic books.

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Scarlet Witch's was abandoned at birth and raised, at various points, by a sentient humanoid cow, gypsies, and Magneto, the villainous master of magnetism.

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Writers have made an effort to rehab the character's image in the past few years, but Scarlet Witch has long languished in comic book storylines that failed to allow her to live up to her full potential.

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At her debut in the 1960s, the readership for superhero comics was assumed to be mostly male, and the Scarlet Witch was originally seen by some fans and Marvel creators as a token female character with a passive power, used mainly for interpersonal relation plots, perhaps to draw female readers who were believed to prefer romance comics.

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Scarlet Witch's gives birth to Billy and Tommy in this issue after a difficult birth.

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An older version of Scarlet Witch appears in a possible future reality depicted in the MC2 imprint series, A-Next.

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Scarlet Witch's was placed in a coma following the original Avengers' final battle.

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