41 Facts About Wonder Man


Wonder Man is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Wonder Man later appeared as a founding member of the spin-off West Coast Avengers first in a four-issue miniseries, and continuing as one of the primary characters in the series' 102-issue run.

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Wonder Man's powers are tested, and he is shown to have great superhuman strength and durability, even defeating the Executioner.

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The plan fails when Wonder Man decides to save the Avengers and aid them against Zemo, apparently at the cost of his own life.

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Unbeknownst to the Avengers, Wonder Man's body has simply entered a catatonic state as it adjusts to the effects of the treatment.

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Wonder Man remains in suspended animation for years, and it is during this period that Ultron, the evil robot creation of Hank Pym, steals the brain patterns recorded by the Avengers for use as a template for the synthezoid Vision.

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Wonder Man is briefly revived by Kang the Conqueror to battle the Avengers as part of his Legion of the Unliving, and later "resurrected" as a zombie by Black Talon and the Grim Reaper to attack the Avengers once more.

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Wonder Man fought the Vision, and helped the Avengers battle Graviton.

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Wonder Man eventually joins the Avengers in a full-time capacity and becomes close friends with his teammate, the Beast.

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For several months after his resurrection, Wonder Man suffers from slight claustrophobia and a fear of dying in battle, as he did once before.

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Wonder Man finally overcomes his fear of death during the final battle with Korvac.

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Wonder Man invaded his former plant which had been taken over by the Maggia, and fought Madame Masque and the Dreadnought.

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Wonder Man helps form the West Coast Avengers, and his new-found confidence begins to become arrogance.

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Wonder Man develops a serious rivalry with Iron Man, but sees the error of his ways after a brutal battle with the Abomination.

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Wonder Man's acting career rises, and he is cast as the villain in the fourth film in the successful Arkon franchise.

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Wonder Man eventually accepts the Vision as his "brother", but there is a setback when the Vision is dismantled and rebuilt as an emotionless machine by a global conglomerate.

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The Scarlet Witch—the Vision's wife—asks Wonder Man to provide his brainwaves in order to rebuild the foundational personality matrix of the original Vision, but Wonder Man refuses, having feelings for her himself.

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Wonder Man is then ensorcelled by the Enchantress, and battles the Avengers.

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Wonder Man battled Angkor, and then journeyed to Hades where he battled Mephisto, Blackheart, the Enchantress, and the Grim Reaper; he then learned that he was immortal.

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Wonder Man becomes romantically involved with the Scarlet Witch, but ends their affair during the Kang Dynasty saga, due to her residual feelings for the Vision.

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Wonder Man began a romantic relationship with fellow Mighty Avenger Ms.

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Wonder Man later appears on television, lamenting his tenure as an Avenger, claiming it was all a waste of time, and that using violence to uphold justice has caused nothing but heartache and death.

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Wonder Man ends his speech by sadly admitting that having Osborn in charge is exactly what the country deserves.

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Wonder Man has been seen alongside his old West Coast Avengers teammates, Ronin, Mockingbird, Tigra and War Machine in battle with a new version of Ultimo.

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Wonder Man put together the Revengers, a team of super-powered people to stop the Avengers because he believes they do more harm than good, blaming the Avengers for Ultron's existence, the damage caused by the Scarlet Witch and the Hulk, the Civil War, and Osborn's Dark Avengers.

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Wonder Man later reappears to Captain America, telling him that he feels sorry for his past actions and that he is trying to redeem himself.

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Wonder Man managed to take him down and looks at Avengers Tower, claiming that he will "earn his way back".

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Wonder Man later plays a pivotal role in rescuing the Wasp from the Microverse.

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When Rogue kissed Deadpool, Wonder Man was freed from Rogue's body as the result of Deadpool's healing factor acting like a circuit breaker that enabled Wonder Man to escape from Rogue's body.

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When Quicksilver is hit by special spheres fired by the Cotati magicians, Mockingbird and Wonder Man come to his aid and help the Kree and the Skrull turn the tide against the Cotati.

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Wonder Man has done so several times in recent appearances; once being when he was detained by the Avengers after staging an attack on the mansion, and again while battling and easily winning against the Red Hulk.

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Wonder Man has some limited effect on Electromagnetic phenomena as was explained to him by Hank and Nadia Pym, to that end he can absorb various forms of energy be it radiological, ionic, even anti-material in nature.

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Wonder Man has an advanced degree in electrical engineering, is an experienced stuntman, and a talented actor.

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Wonder Man is exceptionally wealthy, being the owner of his own private weapons company as well as a successful movie star.

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On Earth-818 which was conquered by Multiversal Masters of Evil member Black Skull, a white-skinned version of Wonder Man is a member of the resistance against Black Skull that is led by Ant-Man .

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Version of Wonder Man appears in Exiles on an alternate world ruled by Tony Stark.

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Wonder Man was later approached by Loki, who absorbed him during his bid for more power.

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In Marvel Zombies vs The Army of Darkness Wonder Man is one of the many zombies seen attacking Doctor Doom's castle.

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Wonder Man is one of the first zombies to get inside along with infected X-Men Nightcrawler, Beast and Storm.

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Ultimate Marvel incarnation of Wonder Man has appeared alongside the Black Knight, Quake, Tigra and the Vision as a part of the West Coast Ultimates.

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Wonder Man starred in his own miniseries set in a possible distant future.

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