24 Facts About Immortus


Immortus is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Immortus was approached by the alien Time-Keepers—time travelers from the end of the universe, the last living creatures in existence—to become their agent, preserving timelines rather than conquering them in exchange for immortality.

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Immortus accepted and reinvented himself again, this time as Immortus, the lord of the other-dimensional realm of Limbo.

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Immortus again came into conflict with the Avengers, but under different circumstances.

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Immortus was partially responsible for the creation of the Vision, allegedly creating a temporal copy of the original Human Torch that the android Ultron used to create the Vision.

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Immortus was betrayed by Kang, and imprisoned alongside Pharaoh Rama-Tut while Kang used Immortus's advanced technology to create the first Legion of the Unliving, made up of now-dead characters taken milliseconds before their death.

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Immortus was freed by the Avengers, and revealed to be the future persona of Pharaoh Rama-Tut and Kang the Conqueror.

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Later, Immortus officiated at the double wedding of the Vision to the Scarlet Witch, and Mantis to the Swordsman.

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Immortus next traveled to the Old West with Thor and Moondragon in pursuit of Kang, and assisted the Avengers in the defeat of Kang.

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Immortus revealed himself when it appeared only one Kang was left.

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Immortus claimed to have mentally manipulated the rescue of Ravonna, who kept his counter-divergency project under observation.

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When Kang tried to seize a device Immortus held that contained the memories of the slain Kangs and which Immortus claimed made him master of Limbo, he was driven insane and ran into Limbo due to the force of many memories, which all ended in his defeat.

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Immortus claimed that was Kang's chance to redeem and condemn himself, and was then questioned by the Avengers on the moral issues of what he had done, but he sent the Avengers back to their own time.

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Immortus deleted various time-line universes as part of this plan.

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Immortus was rendered catatonic for a time by the Time-Keepers as punishment for his attempt to overthrow their rule.

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Immortus was responsible for manipulating Iron Man to turn against the Avengers by driving him insane, which resulted in Iron Man's death until he was resurrected by Franklin Richards later.

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Immortus came into conflict with his younger self, who was unable to see the reasoning behind Immortus's and Rama-Tut's actions.

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Immortus faked his death several times before ultimately turning on the Time-Keepers to assist the Avengers and, as punishment, was truly killed.

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Once the Avengers had successfully restored the timeline, Immortus turned on his allies and killed Iron Man and the Hulk before the youthful Avengers apparently killed him.

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Immortus has no superhuman powers, but he possesses a genius intellect, and has amassed an extensive knowledge of travel through and manipulation of time.

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Immortus uses a wide variety of instrumentation for manipulation of and travel through time, most of which he designed.

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Immortus appears in the alternate timeline seen in the miniseries Earth X, as Pope of the Church of Immortus.

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The Church of Immortus's goals are to destroy Reed Richards' Human Torches, allowing mankind to keep their mutations.

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Immortus is advised in his role by a mysterious man known as Mr Church, who is Mephisto attempting to lead mankind into its own demise.

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