12 Facts About Mr Church


Mr Church is a 2016 American drama film directed by Bruce Beresford and written by Susan McMartin.

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Mr Church'smother informs her that the man is Mr Church, and he will be their new cook.

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Charlie learns that Mr Church was hired by Richard Cannon, a wealthy entrepreneur that her mother dated until she learned he was married.

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When Mr Church informs Marie that he was guaranteed a lifetime salary to care for the family, she decides to keep Mr Church on as their cook on the condition that he keeps her cancer a secret from Charlie.

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Six years later, Marie is still living, and Mr Church has become a comfortable fixture in the household for both Charlie and her mother.

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Not just a gourmet cook, Mr Church is a renaissance man of sorts, being an avid reader, sketch artist and painter, gardener, jazz enthusiast, pianist and handy with a sewing machine.

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Several days later, Mr Church meets Charlie at the bus stop to deliver the news that her mother has died.

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Three years later, a pregnant Charlie shows up on Mr Church's doorstep, stating that she's returned home to take a break from her studies.

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Mr Church arrives shortly after Charlie is in hospital and claims her as his responsibility.

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When Mr Church becomes sick and becomes too ill to cook, Charlie begins to cook and learns that she has inherited Mr Church's talent for cooking, based on years of watching him prepare food.

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Mr Church grows sicker and eventually dies of an enlarged heart.

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She'd always suspected that there was more to Mr Church than meets the eye, and she was curious to find out more.

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