29 Facts About Moondragon


Moondragon is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Unlike most Marvel characters, who have gained their paranormal abilities through birth or accident, Moondragon has achieved her extraordinary talents strictly through extreme degrees of personal regimen.

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Moondragon informs her that the sun would go nova in several years.

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Moondragon then reveals her true identity and helps the Avengers in their first confrontation with Thanos.

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Moondragon falls in love with Daredevil but then returns to outer space.

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Moondragon is one of the three candidates to be the "Celestial Madonna", who was prophesied to give birth to a universal savior, but she loses to Mantis.

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Moondragon is present when the Avengers confront Korvac; her powers allow her to see into his mind while they fight, and she decides that his goal of saving the universe by ruling it is noble.

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Moondragon stays out of the battle until Korvac, dejected, commits suicide.

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Drax summons the Avengers to intervene and in the resultant confrontation, Moondragon is forced to kill her father with her mental powers.

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Moondragon condemns her to wear a magical headband that reduces her mental powers until she has overcome her arrogance and learned humility.

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Unknown to Moondragon, in doing so, she is infected with the mutated spores.

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Moondragon initially turns down its offer, knowing that it will use her to kill the Defenders.

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Moondragon is convinced that in time Quasar will realize they are eminently qualified to form the universe's most cosmic coupling.

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Moondragon eventually loses the gem when it is stolen by Rune.

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Moondragon later becomes an associate of Genis-Vell, determined to help him control his cosmic awareness.

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Moondragon tells her she must have accidentally prodded her telepathically into the relationship, but this is a lie to make the break-up easier.

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In truth, Moondragon is heartbroken; she leaves shortly after with Phyla-Vell.

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However, Drax and Moondragon then manage to free the Silver Surfer, who in turn helps free Galactus, destroying Annihlus' plans.

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Moondragon "loses track" of Drax and is reunited with Phyla-Vell.

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The cocoon breaks open and Phyla and Moondragon ask Warlock to help them fight against the Phalanx.

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Moondragon's increased sensitivity leaves her more vulnerable to psychic manipulation by Starhawk, who has herself been released from confinement.

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Moondragon is highly educated in Titanian science and is a master martial artist.

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Moondragon primarily possesses tremendous telepathic abilities which have enabled her to control the population of an entire planet to stop an ongoing war, while enslaving the thunder god Thor as her personal lover.

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Moondragon has demonstrated willpower and spiritual strength rivaling that of Thanos, and the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, pierced the psionic shields of the cosmic entity Galactus to enable communication, and when borrowing her abilities, Thanos almost manages to overwhelm the Devourer.

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Moondragon is a low-level telekinetic, an ability that lets her move and manipulate most physical matter by using only her thoughts, levitate herself and others, create shields of psychic force, and fire concussive psychokinetic energy blasts with sufficient strength to affect steel.

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Moondragon has undergone extreme levels of training in the Titanian martial arts, as well as mental disciplines allowing her near-complete control over her body, including autonomic functions such as heartbeat, bleeding, and breathing, as well as awareness of pain.

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Moondragon has honed her strength, speed, stamina, agility and reflexes to her highest limits.

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Moondragon has demonstrated the ability to assume the form of her namesake, a fire-breathing dragon capable of surviving in outer space, traversing interstellar distances.

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Moondragon suffers from emotional instability due to her isolated upbringing and intense superiority complex, which alienates her from her environment.

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