23 Facts About Human Torch


Human Torch is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Human Torch is writer Stan Lee's and artist Jack Kirby's reinvention of a similar, previous character, the android Human Torch of the same name and powers who was created in 1939 by writer-artist Carl Burgos for Marvel Comics' predecessor company, Timely Comics.

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The Human Torch is a friend and frequent ally of the superhero Spider-Man, who is approximately the same age.

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An eight-issue series, The Human Torch, reprinted stories from that solo feature, along with stories featuring the original android Human Torch.

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Human Torch was originally the permanent co-star of Marvel Team-Up, but was dropped after three issues because the creators found this format too restrictive.

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Human Torch then witnessed Lyja's apparent death and rescued the real Alicia from the Skrulls.

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Human Torch later returned to the profession during a period when the Fantastic Four was short on cash.

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Human Torch becomes an ambassador within Inhuman society and joins Steve Rogers's Avengers Unity Squad and helps Rogue in incinerating the telepathic portions of Professor Xavier's brains, thus unknowingly preventing Hydra from using it for their secret empire.

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Human Torch becomes a multi-billionaire when he inherits Reed Richards' and Sue Storms' wealth and uses the money for rebuilding the Avengers Mansion and philanthropy.

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Human Torch is seemingly annihilated when he grabs a cosmic object called Pyramoids during the fight between the Lethal Legion and the Black Order in Peru, but is restored after Living Lightning wins a high stakes poker game versus the Grandmaster.

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Human Torch later becomes engaged with an Unparalleled named Skye at Planet Spyre, who then joins the Fantastic Four to learn about Earth and its other superheroes besides them.

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Human Torch has been involved in several romantic relationships throughout the years, including, but not limited to, the Inhuman Crystal, member-in-training and future Galactus herald Frankie Raye, the Skrull agent Lyja disguised as Alicia Masters, the Atlantean Namorita, Inhuman Medusa, and X-Men member Rogue.

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Human Torch's knowledge extends to general information about fire as well, supported by regular visits to fire-safety lectures at various firehouses in New York.

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Human Torch serves in the Vietnam War, where he is believed to have been killed.

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Human Torch's handprint is one of two — the other being his sister's — needed for launch.

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Human Torch has no inherent superpowers, but wears a suit of powered armor that has a 'flame on' ability.

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Human Torch is married to Lyja and they have a son Torus Storm .

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Human Torch spent time at the Baxter Building, but his rebellious nature meant that he learned little from his time spent there.

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Human Torch is present at Reed Richards' test of the N-Zone Teleportation Device in the Nevada Desert.

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Human Torch quickly meets and becomes friends with Peter Parker, Mary Jane and Liz Allan.

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Human Torch's then enrolls him and Bobby at Midtown High along with Peter and Gwen.

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Human Torch is later rescued wandering the streets of New York, having been severely tortured.

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Human Torch was ranked as the 90th greatest comic book character by Wizard magazine.

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