12 Facts About A-Next


A-Next is a fictional team of superheroes, appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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A-Next's personality is based on his creator's, possibly created by the same process as the Vision's.

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A-Next's possesses many abilities originally engineered by Henry Pym, including resizing, flying, communication with insects and artificial "stingers", all based on her costume and helmet.

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A-Next absorbed his father's mace into his body, and has gained the ability to produce "thunderclaps"; bursts of concussive force from his hands.

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A-Next's does not possess any powers, but is an Olympic-level athlete, a skilled fighter and a strategist.

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A-Next's was once affiliated with the X-People, though she joined the Avengers once she realized she would not get much publicity.

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A-Next's died stopping an alternate Doctor Doom from attempting to use the Cosmic Cube to invade the Avengers' Earth.

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A-Next's costume takes visual cues from both Hawkeye and the Swordsman.

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A-Next possesses claws and a healing factor similar to Wolverine's.

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A-Next was once a member of the Revengers, but joined the Avengers when he claimed to have reformed.

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A-Next's came to Earth searching for Kevin Masterson, sent by her father to restore his powers.

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Later, when A-Next is attacked by a rival team of villains called the Revengers, Argo fights for his friends and when the battle is won, Argo accepts membership in A-Next.

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