20 Facts About Taft Broadcasting


Taft Broadcasting Company was an American media conglomerate based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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In 1879, William Howard's brother, Charles Phelps Taft Broadcasting, purchased two afternoon newspapers in Cincinnati, The Times and The Cincinnati Daily Star, merging them into the Cincinnati Times-Star in 1880.

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In 1961, Taft Broadcasting signed a group affiliation deal with ABC, converting all of the stations Taft Broadcasting had owned at that time, to the network.

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In 1963, Taft Broadcasting purchased several stations from Transcontinent Television Corporation: WDAF-AM-FM-TV in Kansas City, Missouri, WGR-AM-FM-TV in Buffalo, New York, and WNEP-TV in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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In October 1966, Taft Broadcasting purchased the Hanna-Barbera cartoon studio from its founders, Joseph Barbera, William Hanna and George Sidney.

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Days after his death, his son Dudley S Taft replaced him on the firm's board of directors, and he eventually became head of the company.

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In 1969, Taft Broadcasting purchased WIBF-TV in Philadelphia and changed its call letters to WTAF-TV.

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In 1970, Taft Broadcasting formed Rhodes Productions, a television syndication arm for various independent TV programs, including those of Hanna-Barbera.

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In 1972, Taft Broadcasting opened its first theme park, Kings Island, outside of Cincinnati.

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Taft Broadcasting owned five other theme parks through its KECO Entertainment division.

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In 1973, Taft Broadcasting sold WNEP-TV in Scranton to its management, called NEP Communications.

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In 1974, Taft Broadcasting acquired Top 40 station KQV and rock outlet WDVE, both in Pittsburgh, from ABC Radio.

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In 1979, Taft purchased WDCA-TV in Washington, D C from the Superior Tube Company.

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Around this same period, Taft Broadcasting acquired independent distributor Worldvision Enterprises and production company QM Productions.

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In 1980, Taft Broadcasting acquired Sunn Classic Pictures and two additional Schick divisions.

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In 1983, Taft Broadcasting exchanged WGR-TV in Buffalo to General Cinema Corporation's Coral Television subsidiary in return for WCIX in Miami.

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In 1985, Taft purchased Gulf Broadcasting, which includes KTXA in Fort Worth; KTXH in Houston; WTSP in St Petersburg, Florida; KTSP-TV in Phoenix; KESQ-TV in Palm Springs, California; and WGHP in High Point, North Carolina.

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One month later, Taft Broadcasting announced the sale of both of those stations along with its three independent stations to the TVX Broadcast Group; the sale was completed in April 1987.

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Taft Broadcasting sold WGR radio and WRLT-FM in Buffalo to Rich Communications, a subsidiary of Buffalo-based Rich Products.

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Taft Broadcasting Company was purchased by TFBA Limited Partnership, which included Robert M Bass as a partner, in April 1987 for $1.

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