19 Facts About Krakoa


Krakoa is a fictional living island appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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That is, the entire island of Krakoa had become a single monstrous mutant, similar to the Aspidochelone of legend.

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Krakoa was originally depicted as a very small island in the Pacific Ocean that was located close to where some nuclear bombing tests were done.

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However, Krakoa later became hungry for the unique life energy created by mutants.

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Krakoa was later apparently found and captured for study by the cosmic entity known as The Stranger, as seen when Quasar visited one of his 'laboratory worlds'.

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Krakoa was eventually freed along with many other specimens and was last seen orbiting around Earth until the energy wave from M-Day and the Collective awakened Vulcan.

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Years later, Krakoa would be later transformed into a sovereign nation state for the entire mutant race.

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Krakoa is the only place in the world to have special pills that extend human life by five years, a "universal" antibiotic and a cure for "disease of the mind, in humans".

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Government of Krakoa is headed by the Quiet Council; and an organization called the Great Captains led by Cyclops and consisting of Magik, Bishop and Gorgon.

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Since Krakoa became home base for an ever-growing number of mutants, the island can sustain itself by taking a minimal, theoretically harmless amount of psychic energy from every mutant on its shores.

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Later, another strange and mysterious island with a large volcano suddenly appeared off the coast of Krakoa making the island to change course and head towards it.

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Krakoa tries to choke Nightcrawler, but the latter manages to escape.

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Krakoa makes versions of the X-Men which Vega-Superior dubs the Vega-Men, out of natural materials, such as a Colossus made of stone, a Wolverine of ice, an Angel made of leaves and vines, a Nightcrawler made of mud and a Cyclops that shoots lava.

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Rachel discovered that this Krakoa was grown by Hellfire Club member Maximillian von Katzenelnbogen in his artificial supergarden.

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When Rachel mentions that Krakoa keeps apologizing and wants to join the X-Men, Wolverine ends up letting Krakoa stay as a part of the school.

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Not soon after the school began having money difficulties, it is Krakoa who solves the school's financial problems by growing great quantities of giant diamonds on the trees he produces.

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Krakoa was not part of the displacement and moved his bio-matter offshore to function as an independent island in the Pacific Ocean.

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Krakoa came back to New York searching for him as the son of the living island missed his friend.

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Krakoa Island is south of Genosha and the filming location for Mojo Adams' reality TV shows for executing mutants, such as Scheele's killer Arthur Centino aka Longshot.

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