13 Facts About Savage Land


Savage Land is a hidden prehistoric land appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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In more recent years, the Savage Land was rediscovered by Lord Robert Plunder, who took back a sample of the metal known as "anti-metal" or "Antarctic vibranium" with him.

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Savage Land grew to adulthood in the Savage Land, becoming the adventurer known as Ka-Zar.

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Savage Land was decimated by an evil alien named Terminus when he destroyed the machines that maintained the tropical climate.

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Ka-Zar, Shanna, and Zabu wandered until the High Evolutionary restored the region and its creatures, allowing them to return to the Savage Land with their newborn son.

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Savage Land is featured in the limited series Claws, serving as a place of revenge for Wolverine and Black Cat on Arcade and White Rabbit.

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Ka-Zar joined the Avengers teams into fighting the Skrulls in New York while Shanna and the other Savage Land natives hunted down the remaining Skrulls hiding out in the Savage Land.

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Areas of the Savage Land are tame enough that the X-Men visit for recreation, including having a vacation home there.

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Since then, the different races of the Savage Land have been sorted between the human tribes, the early hominids, the Beast-Men, and the miscellaneous.

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In Squirrel Girl reality, the Savage Land was created by an unknown race of aliens that created dinosaurs as an experiment on earth biology.

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Since the Dinobots' alt-mode forms resemble creatures that were long-extinct by 4 million years ago, the Savage Land provided author Bob Budiansky a way to explain this within the canon timeline.

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Savage Land is the home of Longshot, who managed to get there in a small boat which launched from Genosha.

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Savage Land appears in a What If story where the Savage Land was terraforming and has taken over New York.

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