62 Facts About High Evolutionary


High Evolutionary is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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High Evolutionary began to train the New Men in the ways of combat and chivalry of his time, until they eventually came to refer to themselves as the "Knights of Wundagore", and to Wyndham as the "Lord High Evolutionary".

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High Evolutionary later settled his New Men on a planet, Wundagore II, while he stayed on one of the planet's moons and began work on a detailed replica of Earth to be located on the opposite side of the Sun.

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High Evolutionary captured the Hulk, intending to evolve him forward by a million years.

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High Evolutionary eventually returned to human form and finished his creation, Counter-Earth.

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The High Evolutionary aided Adam Warlock against Man-Beast and his agents.

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The High Evolutionary faced Galactus in battle and lost, while the Fantastic Four and Gorr tried to prevent Galactus from devouring Counter-Earth; eventually the Impossible Man tricked the World Devourer to seek sustenance from the Impossible Man's world, Poppup, leading to a fatal condition.

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Out of compassion, the High Evolutionary saved Galactus by evolving him into living energy that was eventually re-collected by Galactus's world ship.

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Agents of the Beyonders manipulated Adam Warlock into murdering the High Evolutionary to allow theft of Counter-Earth, but he was revived by Moondragon and Warlock's counterpart, Her.

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High Evolutionary returned to Earth, hoping to find something strong enough to overcome his armor.

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High Evolutionary goaded the Hulk into attacking him, and Hulk succeeded in smashing his armor; the malfunctioning armor then devolved the High Evolutionary into a mass of one-celled organisms.

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High Evolutionary later came into conflict with a number of superheroes, notably the reserve Avengers and Adam Warlock, when he tried to forcibly mutate the entire population of the Earth with his "Evolution Bomb".

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At one point, Ego the Living Planet was investigated by the High Evolutionary, who observed Ego while a titanic, cloud-like entity - which he tentatively designated "Super-Ego" - absorbed Ego.

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The High Evolutionary theorized that there was more than one Ego and that they might all stem from the "Super-Ego".

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The High Evolutionary repented, agreeing to return Shanna to her normal state once he realized that the relationship should not be pursued.

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The High Evolutionary once helped to restore the Savage Land and its inhabitants after the engines that kept the volcanoes active were demolished by Terminus.

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High Evolutionary was revealed to have a student called the High Technician who was responsible for creating a team of uplifted dinosaurs called the Saur-Lords during his time in the Savage Land.

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The High Evolutionary became more powerful and maniacal than ever, but Quicksilver was still able to reason with him.

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High Evolutionary is an occasional ally of Thor and other superheroes.

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High Evolutionary confronted his mentor Mister Sinister alongside the X-Men when the villain took over his satellite-based device and altered it, in a test-of-evolution scheme by force-evolving the entire global human populace.

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High Evolutionary was seen in the X-Men: Endangered Species one-shot as one of the nine villains Beast approaches to help him reverse the effects of M-Day.

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The Knights of Wundagore confront and ultimately escort Beast inside, where the High Evolutionary appears to him as a hologram, giving Beast only cryptic and mostly dismissive answers.

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Once Ultron was revealed to be the leader of the Phalanx militia, the High Evolutionary detonated the star, vaporizing his ship, Ultron, and the invading Phalanx warriors.

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High Evolutionary subsequently was captured by the Phalanx and forced to transfer the essence of Ultron into the body of Adam Warlock, apparently killing him.

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However, the High Evolutionary was aware that Warlock's consciousness had survived and implied that Warlock would "lead the way" for the new Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Recently, the High Evolutionary has begun working with Magneto and Blob to determine why so many mutants were depowered on M-Day.

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High Evolutionary developed a suit for the depowered Magneto that replicated his original powers, and Magneto led an attack on San Francisco as a distraction so that the High Evolutionary could gain a currently unknown object from inside of the Dreaming Celestial.

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High Evolutionary had a part in turning an ordinary zoo hippopotamus into the Hippo.

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Wundagore at the time, the High Evolutionary still maintained a garrison there where Chthon re-emerged and slaughtered many of the remaining New Men.

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High Evolutionary was one of those given the invitation from Thing and the evolved Moloids.

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High Evolutionary later drained the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic into himself, rendering the Surfer mortal and giving the High Evolutionary the ability to control and modify the star sphere of the civilization-destroying entity Galactus, allowing him to bestow life to dead worlds.

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The High Evolutionary created a herald for himself as well as a silver-coated biome of life on Earth, which needed only sunlight to survive, without the need to kill other animals.

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Galactus arrives, and the Fantastic Four cheer on Galactus to kill Wyndham, but as the High Evolutionary now serves an equal opposite "World Builder" function of creating rather than committing genocide on sentient civilizations, he allows the High Evolutionary to leave with his star sphere to continue creating new life throughout the universe.

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High Evolutionary has apparently created a new Counter-Earth, no longer inhabited by humans but instead by millions of New Men.

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High Evolutionary was served in his plans by a human called the Master Scientist and Luminous .

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High Evolutionary revealed to them that Django and Marya Maximoff were their true parents.

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High Evolutionary told them the truth where they were supposedly not mutants, but they had been experimented on by the High Evolutionary.

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The High Evolutionary later confronted the Avengers Unity Division when they interfered with his plan to destroy Lowtown .

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High Evolutionary was defeated after Doctor Voodoo unleashed upon him the thousands of souls of those he had exterminated and was forced to flee through a portal with Luminous.

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Maker collaborated with High Evolutionary to destroy the Superflow that kept the different universes separate in order to merge them into one reality.

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High Evolutionary decides to evolve them where he starts by turning Viv into a human.

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The High Evolutionary was actually turned into sentient digital data and trapped in an unknown dimension.

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High Evolutionary was returned to his dimension by a machine used by the Knights of Wundagore.

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High Evolutionary left Counter-Earth upon becoming disappointed with the outcome of his experiment.

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Kraven cuts a deal with the High Evolutionary to take his DNA sample and create 87 clones of him in order for them to go out into the world and prove themselves to Kraven.

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High Evolutionary has evolved his intelligence to the upper limit of human potential, and is the only human whose intelligence and knowledge has been listed as equal to certain cosmic entities.

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High Evolutionary is considered the leading geneticist in the Marvel universe, and is vastly knowledgeable in biology, chemistry, medicine, physics, engineering, human psychology, computer science, and cybernetics.

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Note, the High Evolutionary has forged weapons for his New Men that show some anti-mystical properties, as demonstrated by a lance wielded by the Beast that was actually able to damage the Darkhold.

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High Evolutionary's exoskeleton provides him with an uncanny degree of protection from attacks, and provides life support .

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High Evolutionary's character has varied between that of a weary, well-meaning creator to that of a "mad scientist" who is willing to do whatever he considers necessary to further his goals of evolving a better, less-brutal world.

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High Evolutionary has great respect for the process of evolution, but is deeply troubled by the immense amount of death and suffering required for such slow progress .

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The High Evolutionary has been manipulated and driven to insanity by both the Beyonders and the Celestials, cosmic races that have interfered with human evolution in the past, indicating that his work might perhaps be a threat to their own.

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High Evolutionary played a key role in saving the Earth from Chthon, and rescued Galactus from death despite his attempts to consume Counter-Earth.

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High Evolutionary has served as a benevolent father figure to several characters, including Adam Warlock, Quicksilver, Spider-Woman, Wolverine, and Thor, often charging them with tasks that lead to their personal growth as individuals and heroes.

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At times the High Evolutionary has feigned indifference to the fate of others when his own safety is at stake, only to reveal a considerably more benign agenda later .

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High Evolutionary gave Magda shelter from the elements without hesitation, risked death to fight Galactus over Counter-Earth, and literally begged Ka-Zar not to poison the Earth's biosphere with Isotope E out of compassion for the suffering it would cause.

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High Evolutionary tried to aid Magneto in reversing the effects of M-Day.

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High Evolutionary delayed an attack on the Silver Surfer to allow him time to save the life of Suzi Endo, who would briefly become his herald.

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High Evolutionary will make his live action debut in the 2023 Marvel Cinematic Universe film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

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The High Evolutionary is responsible for using Iso-8 on some dinosaurs resulting in the creation of the Iso-Saurs.

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High Evolutionary is one of the villains involved in the plot of the novel Avengers: Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Dan Abnett.

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The High Evolutionary is gathering components for a massive gamma bomb with the intention of irradiating the world with a precisely-calculated mutation that will make the human race more susceptible to outside control, such as himself.

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