47 Facts About Adam Warlock


Adam Warlock is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Adam Warlock is frequently the bearer of the Soul Stone, one of the fabled Infinity Stones .

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Adam Warlock, portrayed by Will Poulter, will make his live-action debut in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

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Story continued in the series The Power of Adam Warlock, which ran eight issues, with some plotlines concluded in The Incredible Hulk vol.

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Adam Warlock spends much of his time trying to convince the High Evolutionary not to destroy the planet, and the rest of his time battling the Man-Beast and his minions.

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Adam Warlock's adventures became more cosmic in scope as Starlin took the character through an extended storyline referred to as "The Magus Saga".

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Adam Warlock's adventures were reprinted, with new Starlin covers, in the six-issue "Special Edition" limited series Adam Warlock vol.

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When he arrives on Counter-Earth, Warlock is given the name "Adam" by four teenagers who befriend him.

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Adam Warlock chooses to alter his timeline by visiting himself a few months into the future and steals his own soul to prevent the Magus from ever existing.

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Adam Warlock then continues his journeys, knowing he has seen his own death but not knowing exactly when it will happen.

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Adam Warlock then enlists the aid of the Avengers, Captain Marvel and Moondragon to stop Thanos.

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Inside the gem, Adam Warlock is reunited with Pip, Gamora and others in a utopia known as Soul World.

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Adam Warlock's soul is temporarily freed from the Soul Gem, allowing him to turn Thanos to stone and save Earth.

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In Soul Gem's world, the Silver Surfer meets Adam Warlock and convinces him that his help is needed again to defeat Thanos.

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Adam Warlock obtains the Infinity Gauntlet, being a near-supreme being of the universe.

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The cosmic Living Tribunal decides that Adam Warlock cannot be trusted to keep the Infinity Gauntlet and instructs him to divide the gems among other beings of Adam Warlock's choosing.

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Adam Warlock keeps the Soul Gem for himself and gives one gem each to Pip, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Moondragon, and the reformed Thanos.

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Adam Warlock's good and evil aspects take on lives as two new physical beings — the evil half is a new incarnation of the Magus, while the good half is a woman calling herself the Goddess.

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Adam Warlock pursues Rune, recovering the gems and returning to his native universe.

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Adam Warlock plays a role in protecting the universe several more times, including threats from clones of Thanos, the Heart of the Universe, and the interdimensional being Hunger.

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Adam Warlock accompanies Thanos on a journey as their universe merges with another one.

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Extremely disgruntled by the experience, the new Adam Warlock left Thanos to ponder his situation, and he eventually ended up on "New Krall" acting as a gladiator in a fighting pit.

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The comatose Adam Warlock is placed into Annihilus' ship's power source to use him as battery.

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Finally awakening, Adam Warlock unconsciously destroys the universe and is left floating in a void.

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Panicking, Adam Warlock calls out for Thanos and wills the Titan back into existence.

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Adam Warlock immediately goes to Pip the Troll, who runs to his friend with open arms, and they return to their old life of adventure.

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Reasons unknown, Adam Warlock finds himself within the Soul World where he is approached by an aspect of himself that reveals that the Infinity Stones are coming together once more which will ensure a calamity.

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Adam Warlock is then revived in the presence of the Living Tribunal who informs Adam that Thanos has gotten his universe's Astral Regulator and used it to absorb the various Cosmic Beings in order to become reality.

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Adam Warlock confronts Eros and Pip who were about to kill the infant Thanos and warns them that if Thanos died then Magus would be able to take over reality.

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Adam Warlock went to Kang the Conqueror's ship where he sought to use his time-traveling technology to find a way to defeat Thanos, and realized that Thanos' inexperience is the key to his defeat.

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Adam Warlock reluctantly agrees as he explains that he hopes keeping the two gems apart will prevent disaster.

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Adam Warlock arrives in ancient Egypt, where he meets the pharaoh Rama Tut, an earlier version of Kang.

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Adam Warlock is among the Infinity Gem holders contacted by Doctor Strange, who states that they must reform the Infinity Watch to safeguard the Infinity Gems from such calamities like Thanos.

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Adam Warlock saves a cyclist during a time freeze when he, Drax the Destroyer, and Iron Lad show up.

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Marvel, and Kang the Conqueror gather together, they find Adam Warlock and suggest they exit the Soulworld only for Adam Warlock to declare that they need to defeat Devondra first.

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Soldier Supreme notices that Devondra keeps regenerating as Adam Warlock finds that Gamora and the alternate Phylla-Vel and Moondragon are now in the Soul Gem.

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Later on, Adam Warlock is staring at the stars in the desert and draws a symbol in the sand claiming that a part of him is missing.

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Adam Warlock soon became capable of manipulating mystical energy and manifesting matter.

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Additionally, Adam Warlock possesses spiritual powers independent from the Soul Gem, and is capable of resurrecting himself and other beings by taking deceased bodies and transmuting them.

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Adam Warlock is highly resistant to the soul-manipulating powers of others.

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Original Magus is an older, evil Adam Warlock who has traveled to the past and rules a religious empire called the Universal Church of Truth.

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Adam Warlock is defeated by Genis-Vell and reverts to an ethereal entity.

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Adam Warlock becomes a third version of Magus when he repairs damage to the spacetime continuum.

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Goddess is the embodiment of Adam Warlock's goodness, created when he uses the Infinity Gauntlet to remove the quality from himself.

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Adam Warlock's appears as a central figure in the 1993 limited series Infinity Crusade.

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Adam Warlock's is defeated when her followers learn her true goal, and is absorbed into the soul gem.

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Adam Warlock was then able to resurrect the original version of himself, and proceeded to become the new Living Tribunal as part of the deal he struck with the One-Above-All.

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