26 Facts About NYPD


NYPD headquarters is at 1 Police Plaza, located on Park Row in Lower Manhattan near City Hall.

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The NYPD's regulations are compiled in title 38 of the New York City Rules.

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NYPD employs over 50,000 people, including more than 35,000 uniformed officers.

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NYPD has a history of police brutality, corruption, and misconduct, which critics argue persists to the present.

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NYPD appointed its first black officer in 1911 and the first female officers in 1918.

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In 1994 the NYPD developed the CompStat computer system for tracking crime geographically, which is in use by other police departments in the US and Canada.

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In 2021, the NYPD ceased enforcement of marijuana crimes other than driving under the influence.

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NYPD has a broad array of specialized services, including the Emergency Service Unit, K9, harbor patrol, air support, bomb squad, counter-terrorism, criminal intelligence, anti-gang, anti-organized crime, narcotics, public transportation, and public housing units.

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In 2019 the NYPD responded to 482,337 reports of crime, and made 214,617 arrests.

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All sworn members of the NYPD have their ID card photos taken against a red background.

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Civilian employees of the NYPD have their ID card photos taken against a blue background, signifying that they are not commissioned to carry a firearm.

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The NYPD has extensive crime scene investigation and laboratory resources, as well as units that assist with computer crime investigations.

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In 2005, the NYPD established a "Real Time Crime Center" to assist in investigations; this is essentially a searchable database the pulls information from departmental records, including traffic tickets, court summonses, and previous complaints to reports, as well as arrest reports.

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NYPD maintains the Domain Awareness System, a network that provides information and analytics to police, drawn from a variety of sources, including a network of 9,000 publicly and privately owned surveillance cameras, license plate readers, ShotSpotter data, NYPD databases and radiation and chemical sensors.

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In 2020, the NYPD deployed a robotic dog, known as Digidog, manufactured by Boston Dynamics.

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Critics, including from within the NYPD, have accused the NYPD of manipulating crime statistics.

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NYPD filed a federal suit against the department, which the city settled before trial in 2015, giving him back pay for the period when he was suspended.

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An investigation by New York City's Department of Investigation concluded that the NYPD had exercised excessive force during the George Floyd protests.

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NYPD has been persistently criticized by safe streets advocates for endangering cyclists by parking their vehicles in bike lanes, and for misapplying the law when ticketing cyclists riding outside blocked bike lanes.

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NYPD is affiliated with the New York City Police Foundation and the New York City Police Museum.

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NYPD has lost 932 officers in the line of duty since 1849.

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The NYPD has more line-of-duty deaths than any other American law enforcement agency.

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Current colors of NYPD vehicles is an all-white body with two blue stripes along each side.

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The NYPD patch is emblazoned on both sides, either on or just forward of the front doors.

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The letters "NYPD" are printed in blue Rockwell Extra Bold font on the front doors, and the NYPD motto "Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect" is printed on the rear ones.

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New NYPD officers are allowed to choose from one of two 9mm service pistols: the Glock 17 Gen4 and Glock 19 Gen4.

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