39 Facts About Annihilus


Annihilus is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, primarily as an adversary to the Fantastic Four.

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Annihilus was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, and was notably featured in the "Annihilation" event.

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Annihilus has at various times been the ruler of the Negative Zone, controlling its inhabitants via his powerful Cosmic Control Rod.

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Annihilus first encountered the Fantastic Four after Reed Richards discovered how to travel to the Negative Zone from Earth.

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Annihilus is often the partner of Blastaar, who started out as a rival to Annihilus' rule of the Negative Zone before becoming allies.

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In 2009, Annihilus was ranked as IGN's 94th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.

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Annihilus first encountered the Fantastic Four when they entered the Negative Zone seeking anti-particles needed to treat Sue's cosmic ray-related pregnancy complications.

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Annihilus's minions captured the heroes, but they escaped, stealing his Control Rod.

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Annihilus was challenged by a research scientist, Janus the Nega-Man, who developed a module capable of harnessing antimatter energy within the Negative Zone.

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Annihilus defeated Janus, forcing the Nega-Man to lead him to Earth, but Janus was instead seemingly killed in the exploding atmosphere where matter meets antimatter.

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Annihilus nearly crossed over to Earth through one of Mister Fantastic's portals, but was driven back by the Avengers.

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Annihilus battled the Frightful Four, and attempted to escape the Negative Zone, but was foiled by Spider-Man and the Human Torch.

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Annihilus used a machine to prematurely release the child's full power potential, hoping to transfer the expended energies into himself.

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Annihilus later allied with Mr Fantastic against the Mad Thinker.

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Annihilus was defeated by the Avengers and Fantastic Four before returning to the Negative Zone.

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Annihilus was revived by Blastaar and regained his Control Rod.

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Annihilus attacked the dimension of Asgard, home of the Norse Gods, but was repelled by King Odin.

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Annihilus later kidnapped a sleeping Odin, transporting him to the Negative Zone to steal his power.

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Annihilus began leading the Annihilation Wave, an enormous fleet of Negative Zone battleships, ostensibly claiming to have the goal of conquering the universe.

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Annihilus's forces destroy the Kyln, an intergalactic power station and maximum security prison, and the planet Xandar, headquarters of the Nova Corps.

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Annihilus' goal is actually creating a massive Power Cosmic bomb that will destroy the Universe and the Negative Zone, leaving Annihilus the only survivor.

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Annihilus was later reborn as an infant with all of the original's memories.

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Talon slew Catastrophus and seized the Control Rod, before calling out to the infant Annihilus and asking it to remember in the future that he had spared the creature's life.

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Annihilus uses regenerative surgery to revive the Human Torch, turning him into a gladiator when he refuses to reopen the portal from the Negative Zone.

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Annihilus is contacted by an alternative version of Reed Richards via the Cult of the Negative Zone, a religious movement worshipping Annihilus.

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Annihilus agrees, and sends forces to attack the Baxter Building and secure its Negative Zone gateway.

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Annihilus is capable of self-propelled flight and can withstand the vacuum of space.

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Annihilus is able to breathe in the vacuum of empty space, and his wings can carry him at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.

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Annihilus wields the Cosmic Control Rod, a weapon of great power.

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Annihilus sometimes wields energy pistols based on Tyannan technology that he has modified.

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Annihilus leads an elite personal guard, the Centurions, 200 superpowered aliens, each from a different Negative Zone world.

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The people wanted to restore control to their previous ruler, Annihilus, who was malevolent, but the lesser of two evils in this case.

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For some time, Ahmyor had been haunted by visions of their tortured leader Annihilus who had been made undone in his quest for order through domination.

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Annihilus could feel his gnawing need for power, the endless struggle that drove him to madness, but blue-clad interlopers called the Fantastic Four would inevitably see to his end.

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Annihilus's made him extremely happy as both a warrior and as a man and helped restore his soul.

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Annihilus's moved quickly to free him, but discovered that the device had been altered so that it would explode if Annihilus was removed from it.

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Ahmyor's transformation into Annihilus was nearly complete and he urged her to leave him and the Negative Zone as he was no longer the man she loved.

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Annihilus exploded his translation devices, thereby rupturing Reed and Ben's space suits and exposing them to the N-Zone's highly acidic atmosphere.

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Annihilus is a Mastermind in the Annihilation expansion set for Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game.

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