23 Facts About Invisible Woman


Invisible Woman is a superheroine appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Invisible Woman's was romantically attracted to Namor the Sub-Mariner for a time, and they remain close friends.

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Since her debut, the Invisible Woman has been described as one of Marvel's most notable and powerful female heroes.

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Invisible Woman was portrayed by Rebecca Staab in the unreleased 1994 film The Fantastic Four, Jessica Alba in the 2005 film Fantastic Four and its 2007 sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Kate Mara in the 2015 film Fantastic Four.

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Invisible Woman eventually emphasized this to readers explicitly, with a story in which the Fantastic Four read fan mail denigrating the Invisible Girl's value to the team, and respond by enumerating some of the occasions on which she played a key role in their victories.

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Invisible Woman has primarily appeared in issues of Fantastic Four.

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Invisible Woman's finds she can use her force field abilities to manipulate matter through the air, immobilize enemies, or administer long-range attacks.

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Invisible Woman's intent was to use her powers to hide planets from Galactus.

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Invisible Woman refuses and indicates she is still attracted to him, an accusation she does not deny.

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Invisible Woman was later with Mister Fantastic and the Future Foundation when they were confronted by the Griever at the End of All Things.

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Invisible Woman received her powers after cosmic radiation had triggered mutagenic changes in her body.

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Invisible Woman's achieves these feats by mentally bending all wavelengths of visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light to bend around herself or her target without causing any visible distortion effects.

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Invisible Woman's can vary the texture and tensile strength of her field to some extent, rendering it rigid as steel or as soft and yielding as foam rubber; softer variants on the field enable her to cushion impacts more gently, and are less likely to result in psionic backlash against Susan herself .

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Invisible Woman's is able to make her shields opaque or translucent like milk glass to effectively block variations of light such as laser-beams, or make them semipermeable to filter oxygen from water though the latter is mentally taxing.

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Invisible Woman's can generate solid force constructs as small as a marble or as large as 100 feet in diameter, and her hollow projections such as domes can extend up to several miles in area.

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Invisible Woman's is capable of generating and manipulating multiple psionic force fields simultaneously.

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Invisible Woman's was too demure, too squeamish and not always competent enough to feel like a true superhero.

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Invisible Woman's keeps her dysfunctional family in order, whether it's dragging her husband and daughter out of the lab or making her hotshot brother act his age.

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Today, the Invisible Woman is a powerful and respected member of the Fantastic Four, and the early issues - however stereotypical - led to the Susan Storm known and loved by the Marvel faithful worldwide.

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Invisible Woman's is always looking for smoke and absolutely deserves better than what Mr Stretch can offer.

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Invisible Woman's's had to be practical and grounded, but sensitive and empathetic.

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Invisible Woman's work first came to my attention on the digital Jessica Jones series, even if it was a little 'house style-y' for me, so it's nice to see him having evolved more or less past that into his own unique look with this series.

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Invisible Woman has a painterly aesthetic that makes it look unlike anything else Marvel is publishing.

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