30 Facts About Kate Mara

1. Kate Mara is one of the faces of the Humane Society of the United States and has appeared in their campaign videos to promote Meatless Monday.

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2. In 1999, Kate Mara made her onscreen debut in the drama film, Joe the King, in which she played the role of Allyson.

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3. Kate Mara started dating actor Jamie Bell, with whom she worked in Fantastic Four, in 2015.

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4. Kate Mara was born into not one, but two NFL franchises.

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5. Kate Mara is an American actress arguably most known for her role in the Netflix political drama House of Cards as Zoe Barnes.

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6. Kate Mara is quite active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram.

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7. Kate Mara has a height of 5 ft 3 inches and weighs 52 kg.

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8. In 2017, Kate Mara got married to English actor and dancer, Jamie Bell.

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9. Kate Mara debuted this classic navy Zara blazer at the 2012 Paralympics, bringing it back in April 2014 for an official trip to New Zealand.

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10. Kate Mara wore this leopard print Hobbs coat first in 2013 for a ship naming ceremony and then again in 2015 during a visit to Margate.

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11. Kate Mara is one of the faces of the Humane Society of the United States.

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12. Kate Mara has sung at both teams' games, and after missing the Steelers' 2006 victory at Super Bowl XL due to work, her contracts now state that she can attend if either team goes to the Super Bowl.

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13. Kate Mara is stepmother to Bell's son from his marriage to Evan Rachel Wood.

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14. In late 2015, Kate Mara began dating her Fantastic Four co-star Jamie Bell and in January 2017, the couple got engaged.

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15. In 2017, Kate Mara starred in Megan Leavey, playing Megan Leavey, a real life US marine who bonded with her military working dog.

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16. Kate Mara appeared in Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp and directed by Wally Pfister.

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17. Kate Mara appeared in the short film Ten Year, produced by Channing Tatum to attract financing for a feature film.

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18. Kate Mara appeared in Ironclad, which tells the story of the siege of Rochester Castle by King John in the year 1215.

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19. In 2010, Kate Mara played hiker Kristi Moore in the survival drama 127 Hours, a true story directed by Danny Boyle about Aron Ralston, a climber trapped while mountaineering in Utah.

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20. In December 2008, Kate Mara appeared in T Takes: Brooklyn 09, a series of 6 improvised short films directed by Brody Baker.

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21. Kate Mara played Kay Matheson, one of four students that removed the stone in a Scottish nationalist plot.

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22. Kate Mara starred in the 2008 film Stone of Destiny, written and directed by Charles Martin Smith, about the theft of the Stone of Scone on Christmas Day, 1950.

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23. Kate Mara was featured in an advertising campaign for clothing retailer Gap called, "khakis with attitude.

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24. Kate Mara signed with the William Morris Agency, and was included on the New York Daily News list of "10 young actors who have a shot at making it big" at the start of 2006.

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25. Kate Mara made her film debut in Random Hearts, with Harrison Ford in 1999, directed by Sydney Pollack.

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26. In 2012, Kate Mara joined the cast of House of Cards, playing the part of Zoe Barnes, an intrepid reporter from Washington, DC who becomes a major ally to Frank Underwood by leaking stories that undermine his rivals.

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27. Kate Mara was cast as the lead in the 2004 The WB pilot Prodigy, about a teenage child prodigy.

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28. Kate Mara graduated from Fox Lane High School a year early and was accepted into the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University to study musical theater, but she eventually deferred her slot to work as an actress.

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29. Kate Mara has described herself to Esquire magazine as having been "painfully shy" while growing up, adding that she only had one friend.

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30. Kate Mara began acting at the age of nine in a school musical.

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