112 Facts About Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp is the recipient of multiple accolades, including a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award, and has been nominated for three Academy Awards and two BAFTA awards.


Johnny Depp made his feature film debut in the horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street and appeared in Platoon, before rising to prominence as a teen idol on the television series 21 Jump Street.


Johnny Depp began his longtime collaboration with the director Tim Burton, portraying the leads in the films Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, and Sleepy Hollow.


Johnny Depp received acclaim for Chocolat, Finding Neverland and Public Enemies, and continued his commercially successful collaboration with Burton with the films Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and Alice in Wonderland.


Johnny Depp received acclaim for Black Mass and formed the rock supergroup Hollywood Vampires with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, before starring as Gellert Grindelwald in the Wizarding World films Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.


Between 1998 and 2012, Johnny Depp was in a relationship with the French singer Vanessa Paradis, with whom he had two children, including the actress Lily-Rose Johnny Depp.


From 2015 to 2017, Johnny Depp was married to the actress Amber Heard.


Johnny Depp's family moved frequently during his childhood, eventually settling in Miramar, Florida, in 1970.


Johnny Depp's parents divorced in 1978 when he was 15, and his mother later married Robert Palmer, whom Depp has called "an inspiration".


Johnny Depp's mother gave him a guitar when he was 12, and he began playing in various bands.


Johnny Depp dropped out of Miramar High School at 16 in 1979 to become a rock musician.


Johnny Depp attempted to go back to school two weeks later, but the principal told him to follow his dream of being a musician.


In 1980, Johnny Depp began playing in a band called The Kids.


In December 1983, Johnny Depp married makeup artist Lori Anne Allison, the sister of his band's bassist and singer.


The Kids split up before signing a record deal in 1984, and Johnny Depp began collaborating with the band Rock City Angels.


Johnny Depp co-wrote their song "Mary", which appeared on their debut Geffen Records album Young Man's Blues.


Johnny Depp is of primarily English descent, with some French, German, and Irish ancestry.


Johnny Depp's surname comes from a French Huguenot immigrant, Pierre Dieppe, who settled in Virginia around 1700.


Johnny Depp's claims came under scrutiny when Indian Country Today wrote that Johnny Depp had never inquired about his heritage or been recognized as a member of the Cherokee Nation.


Johnny Depp moved to Los Angeles with his band when he was 20.


Johnny Depp had been interested in acting since reading a biography of James Dean and watching Rebel Without a Cause.


Cage helped Johnny Depp get an audition with Wes Craven for A Nightmare on Elm Street; Johnny Depp, who had no acting experience, said he "ended up acting by accident".


Thanks in part to his catching the eye of Craven's daughter, Johnny Depp landed the role of the main character's boyfriend, one of Freddy Krueger's victims.


Johnny Depp became a teen idol during the late 1980s, when he starred as an undercover police officer in a high school operation in the Fox television series 21 Jump Street, which premiered in 1987.


Johnny Depp accepted this role to work with actor Frederic Forrest, who inspired him.


Disillusioned by his experiences as a teen idol in 21 Jump Street, Johnny Depp began taking roles he found more interesting, rather than those he thought would succeed at the box office.


Also in 1990, Johnny Depp played the title character in Tim Burton's romantic fantasy film Edward Scissorhands opposite Dianne Wiest and Winona Ryder.


In preparation for the role, Johnny Depp watched many Charlie Chaplin films to study how to create sympathy without dialogue.


Peter Travers of Rolling Stone praised Johnny Depp's performance, writing that he "artfully expresses the fierce longing in gentle Edward; it's a terrific performance", while Rita Kempley of The Washington Post wrote that he "brings the eloquence of the silent era to this part of few words, saying it all through bright black eyes and the tremulous care with which he holds his horror-movie hands".


Johnny Depp earned his first Golden Globe nomination for the film.


Johnny Depp had no film releases in the next two years, except a brief cameo in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, the sixth installment in the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.


Johnny Depp received a second Golden Globe nomination for the performance.


In 1994, Johnny Depp reunited with Burton, playing the title role in Ed Wood, a biographical film about one of history's most inept film directors.


Johnny Depp later said that he was depressed about films and filmmaking at the time, but that "within 10 minutes of hearing about the project, I was committed".


Johnny Depp found that the role gave him a "chance to stretch out and have some fun" and that working with Martin Landau, who played Bela Lugosi, "rejuvenated my love for acting".


Johnny Depp was nominated for a third time for a Best Musical or Comedy Actor Golden Globe for his performance.


Johnny Depp played opposite Marlon Brando in the box-office hit Don Juan DeMarco, as a man who believes he is Don Juan, the world's greatest lover.


Johnny Depp starred in Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man, a Western shot entirely in black-and-white; it was not a commercial success and had mixed critical reviews.


Also in 1997, Johnny Depp debuted as a director and screenwriter with The Brave.


Johnny Depp starred in it as a poor Native American man who accepts a proposal from a wealthy man, played by Marlon Brando, to appear in a snuff film in exchange for money for his family.


The third was Burton's adaptation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, where Johnny Depp played Ichabod Crane opposite Christina Ricci and Christopher Walken.


Johnny Depp had a supporting role in Julian Schnabel's critically acclaimed Before Night Falls.


In 2003, Johnny Depp starred in the Walt Disney Pictures adventure film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which was a major box office success.


Johnny Depp earned widespread acclaim for his comic performance as pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, and received Academy Award, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations and won a Screen Actor's Guild Award for Best Actor as well as an MTV Movie Award.


Johnny Depp has said that Sparrow is "definitely a big part of me", and that he modeled the character after The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and cartoon skunk Pepe Le Pew.


Johnny Depp next starred as an author with writer's block in the thriller Secret Window, based on a short story by Stephen King.


Johnny Depp made a brief cameo appearance in the French film Happily Ever After, and founded his own film production company, Infinitum Nihil, under Warner Bros.


Johnny Depp continued his box-office success with a starring role as Willy Wonka in Tim Burton's adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Chocolate Factory was followed by another Burton project, stop-motion animation Corpse Bride, in which Johnny Depp voiced the main character, Victor Van Dort.


Johnny Depp reprised the role of Jack Sparrow in the Pirates sequels Dead Man's Chest and At World's End, both of which were major box office successes.


Johnny Depp voiced the character in the video game Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow.


In 2007, Johnny Depp collaborated with Burton for their sixth film together, this time playing murderous barber Sweeney Todd in the musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.


Johnny Depp cited Peter Lorre's performance in Mad Love, in which Lorre played a "creepy but sympathetic" surgeon, as his main influence for the role.


Sweeney Todd was the first film in which Johnny Depp had been required to sing.


Johnny Depp won the Golden Globe for Best Musical or Comedy Actor for the role, and was nominated for the third time for an Academy Award.


In 2009, Johnny Depp portrayed real-life gangster John Dillinger in Michael Mann's 1930s crime film Public Enemies.


Johnny Depp began the 2010s with another collaboration with Tim Burton, Alice in Wonderland, in which he played the Mad Hatter opposite Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway and Alan Rickman.


Later in 2011, Johnny Depp released the first two projects co-produced by his company, Infinitum Nihil.


In 2011, Johnny Depp made a brief cameo in the Adam Sandler film Jack and Jill.


Johnny Depp starred in and co-produced his eighth film with Tim Burton, Dark Shadows, alongside Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Eva Green.


The first film made in the collaboration was The Lone Ranger, in which Johnny Depp starred as Tonto.


Johnny Depp's casting as a Native American brought accusations of whitewashing, and the film was not well received by the public or the critics, causing Disney to take a US$190 million loss.


In 2015, Johnny Depp appeared in two films produced by Infinitum Nihil.


Johnny Depp made a cameo appearance in the critically panned London Fields, starring his then-wife Amber Heard, which was to be released in 2015, but its general release was delayed by litigation until 2018.


Johnny Depp reprised the role of the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton's Alice Through the Looking Glass, the sequel to Alice in Wonderland.


Johnny Depp had been secretly cast to play dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald in a cameo appearance in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the first installment of the Fantastic Beasts franchise.


Johnny Depp's name was not mentioned in the promotional materials and his cameo was only revealed at the end of the film.


In 2017, Johnny Depp appeared alongside other actors and filmmakers in The Black Ghiandola, a short film made by a terminally ill teenager through the non-profit Make a Film Foundation.


Johnny Depp reprised his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the fifth installment of the Pirates series, Dead Men Tell No Tales.


Johnny Depp then starred in two independent films, both produced by him and his company, Infinitum Nihil.


The second film was the comedy-drama Richard Says Goodbye, in which Johnny Depp played a professor with terminal cancer.


Johnny Depp's casting received criticism from fans of the series due to the domestic violence allegations against him.


Johnny Depp experienced other career setbacks around this time, as Disney confirmed that they would not be casting him in new Pirates installments and he was reported to no longer be attached to Universal's Dark Universe franchise.


In November 2020, Johnny Depp resigned from his role as Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise at the request of its production company, Warner Bros.


Johnny Depp continues as the face of Dior's men's fragrance, Sauvage.


In September 2021, Johnny Depp described himself as a victim of cancel culture.


On February 15,2022, Johnny Depp received the Serbian Gold Medal of Merit from President Aleksandar Vucic for "outstanding merits in public and cultural activities, especially in the field of film art and the promotion of the Republic of Serbia in the world".


Johnny Depp made a surprise cameo appearance at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards.


In 2004, Johnny Depp founded film production company Infinitum Nihil to develop projects where he will serve as actor or producer.


Johnny Depp serves as its CEO, while his sister, Christi Dembrowski, serves as president.


Johnny Depp co-owned the nightclub The Viper Room in Los Angeles from 1993 to 2003, and he was part owner of the restaurant-bar Man Ray in Paris for a short period of time.


Johnny Depp performed with Manson at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards in 2012.


Johnny Depp played guitar on the soundtrack of his films Chocolat and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and has appeared in music videos for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Lemonheads, Avril Lavigne and Paul McCartney.


In 2015, Johnny Depp formed the supergroup Hollywood Vampires with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry; the band includes Bruce Witkin, his friend from his 1980s band, The Kids.


In 2020, Johnny Depp released a cover of John Lennon's "Isolation" with guitarist Jeff Beck, and stated that they would be releasing more music together in the future.


In July 2022, artwork made by Johnny Depp sold out in less than a day since it debuted in the art retailer Castle Fine Art gallery in London's Covent Garden.


Johnny Depp made for nearly $4 million and sold 780 prints through the art house's 37 galleries.


In 2012, Johnny Depp became the highest-paid actor in the American film industry, earning as high as $75 million per film, and as of 2020, is the tenth highest-grossing actor worldwide, with his films having grossed over US$3.7 billion at the United States box office and over US$10 billion worldwide.


Regardless, Johnny Depp continued to eschew more traditional leading-man roles until towards the end of the 2000s, when he starred as John Dillinger in Public Enemies.


Johnny Depp has been currently living in London as of now.


Johnny Depp and Heard were married in a civil ceremony on February 3,2015.


Johnny Depp denied these claims and alleged that she was "attempting to secure a premature financial resolution".


Johnny Depp appealed the verdict, with his lawyers accusing Heard of not following through on a promise to donate her divorce settlement to charity contrary to her testimony.


Johnny Depp's lawyers asserted that Heard's donation testimony had significantly influenced the judge's view of Heard.


In February 2019, Johnny Depp sued Heard for defamation over a December 2018 op-ed for The Washington Post.


The Johnny Depp-Heard trial took place in Fairfax County, Virginia on April 11,2022.


Johnny Depp was arrested in Vancouver in 1989 for assaulting a security guard after the police were called to end a loud party at his hotel room.


Johnny Depp was arrested in New York City in 1994 after causing significant damage to his room at The Mark Hotel, where he was staying with Kate Moss, his girlfriend.


Johnny Depp was arrested again in 1999 for brawling with paparazi, when the photographers tried to take his picture.


Johnny Depp allegedly threatened them with a wooden plank when they approached him outside Mirabelle restaurant in central London early on Sunday morning.


Johnny Depp's attorneys contended that Eckert provoked the alleged assault and therefore "consented to any assault and battery".


Ekert's court papers stated that Johnny Depp, despite being his security guards' direct manager, did nothing to stop the attack.


Johnny Depp was placed on a $1,000 one-month good behavior bond for producing a false document; Heard and Depp released a video in which they apologized for their behavior and urged people to adhere to the biosecurity laws.


In March 2016, Johnny Depp cut ties with his management company, The Management Group, and sued them in January 2017 for alleged embezzlement and for allegedly improperly managing his money and leaving him over $40 million in debt.


TMG stated that Johnny Depp was responsible for his own fiscal mismanagement and countersued him for unpaid fees.


Also in 2018, Johnny Depp was sued for allegedly hitting and verbally insulting a crew member while under the influence of alcohol on the set of City of Lies.


Johnny Depp has struggled with substance abuse for much of his life.


Johnny Depp has stated that he began using drugs by taking his mother's "nerve pills" at the age of 11, was smoking at age 12 and by the age of 14 had used "every kind of drugs there were".


In 2013, Johnny Depp declared that he had stopped drinking alcohol, adding that he "pretty much got everything [he] could get out of it"; Johnny Depp said, "I investigated wine and spirits thoroughly, and they certainly investigated me as well, and we found out that we got along beautifully, but maybe too well".


Johnny Depp admitted to using other substances such as Marijuana, MDMA and cocaine.


In November 2016, Johnny Depp joined the campaign Imprisoned for Art to call for the release of Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, who was being held in custody in Russia.


Johnny Depp apologized shortly afterward, saying the remark "did not come out as intended, and I intended no malice".