28 Facts About Helena Bonham Carter

1. Helena Bonham Carter spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the shake-up in 2010, saying "So they came to me", says Bonham Carter.

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2. Helena Bonham Carter's has received other prestigious awards such as a Satellite Award and two National Board of Review awards.

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3. Helena Bonham Carter's has cited Vivienne Westwood and Marie Antoinette as her main style influences.

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4. Helena Bonham Carter always only cast me with great embarrassment.

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5. Helena Bonham Carter's is set to play an older Princess Margaret for the Netflix series The Crown, replacing Vanessa Kirby who played a younger version for the first two seasons.

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6. Helena Bonham Carter's played the Fairy Godmother in the 2015 live-action re-imagining of Walt Disney's Cinderella.

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7. Helena Bonham Carter's appeared in a short film directed by Roman Polanski for the clothing brand Prada.

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8. Helena Bonham Carter's won the Best Actress award in the 2007 Evening Standard British Film Awards for her performances in Sweeney Todd and Conversations With Other Women, along with another Best Actress award at the 2009 Empire Awards.

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9. Helena Bonham Carter's played Olivia in Trevor Nunn's film version of Twelfth Night in 1996.

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10. Helena Bonham Carter's had a part in a minor TV film, A Pattern of Roses.

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11. Helena Bonham Carter's made her professional acting debut at the age of 16 in a television commercial.

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12. Helena Bonham Carter's is known for her roles in both low-budget independent art films and large-scale blockbusters.

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13. In 2012, Helena Bonham Carter was granted with the Commander of the Order of the British Empire, that was granted to her due to her contributions to play.

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14. Helena Bonham Carter can be known from films produced by Tim Burton, who can be a good buddy of hers.

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15. Helena Bonham Carter is an actress of great versatility, one of the UK's finest and most successful.

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16. In 2001, Helena Bonham Carter started a relationship with the American director "Tim Burton".

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17. Helena Bonham Carter started her film career by playing the title character in the Lady Jane in 1986.

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18. Helena Bonham Carter had a part in a minor Television film, "A Pattern of Roses".

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19. Helena Bonham Carter was born in the Islington, in London.

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20. Helena Bonham Carter was nominated for the "Academy Award as a Best Actress" for her role as the Kate Croy in "The Wings of the Dove" in 1997.

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21. Helena Bonham Carter was born to Raymond Bonham Carter, a merchant banker and Elena, a physiotherapist.

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22. Helena Bonham Carter has celebrated the total number of 52 birthdays till date.

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23. In 1987, Helena Bonham Carter appeared in 2 episodes of the crime drama TV series, Miami Vice.

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24. Helena Bonham Carter found considerable success in her movie career.

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25. Helena Bonham Carter started her acting career with theatre roles.

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26. Helena Bonham Carter was born on May 26, 1966, in London England.

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27. Helena Bonham Carter was born on May 26, 1966, in London, England.

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28. Helena Bonham Carter turned down the lead role in Breaking the Waves because she decided the director was "a bit of a weirdo".

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